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Volcanoes Today, 15 Sep 2014: Lokon-Empung volcano, Bardarbunga, Kilauea, Slamet

Bardarbunga (Iceland): The eruption continues at similar levels as during the previous days. IMO estimates the volume of lava erupted so far to be at least 200 million cu m, and the surface covered by it 24.5 square km. 1,265 more words

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Lava approaches vacant lots in Hawaii subdivision

HONOLULU (AP) — Lava from one of the world’s most active volcanos soon could reach three vacant lots in a rural subdivision on Hawaii’s Big Island, but officials are hopeful homes will be spared. 309 more words

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Volcanic activity worldwide 13 Sep 2014: Semeru volcano, Bardarbunga, Kilauea, Santiaguito, Fuego

Bardarbunga (Iceland): The eruption continues with little variations. We flew over the fissure and could observe lava fountains still going strong from the main vents on the active fissure. 985 more words

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Video: Phone footage shows lava creeping closer to houses near Pahoa

Transcript: “Hi, this is Joel from Paradise helicopters. I wanted to give an update on the lava flow for Friday, September 12, 2014.

“The eastern most part of the flow, which is the closest to the houses, seemed like it turned a little bit east yesterday and the day before and then this morning it looked like it turned back up towards the north, more towards the Ainaloa area… The smoke is blowing mostly south again and a little bit south west off of those burning trees. 88 more words

Kilauea Volcano Update

Kilauea, Earth's Seething Reminder

If we need a reminder that there is still turmoil beneath the Earth’s surface, all we need do is visit the Big Island where Mauna Loa still periodically threatens with its lava flows and Kilauea releases gigantic plumes of volcanic gases. 31 more words


Facing Lava

Imagine you own a home, a pretty little place in the rural, forested area of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Now imagine that day after day and hour after hour, a stream of molten rock creeps ever so slowly, but ever so relentlessly, towards your home. 617 more words

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Kilauea lava 0.4 miles away from subdivision as flow shifts northeast

Lava from Kilauea is now less than a half-mile away from a Big Island subdivision.

During an overflight Wednesday afternoon, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists observed that the flow front had shifted toward the northeast, bringing it closer to Kaohe Homesteads. 315 more words