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Kill Bill Volume 3?

Ok, seriously? Wait… What? I don’t understand. Bill is already dead. Last time i checked, you can’t kill someone who is already dead. Right? Whatever. I don’t understand Quentin, what are you doing?

The Badass Draft - Mark's Team

We covered Dan’s Badass Draft team yesterday and today, Mark Myers has our second team in the Badass Draft.  He’s got a pretty versatile team, and at least one surprise. 345 more words


Beyond the chick-flick: 8 ways to improve female-driven films, by Pilar Alessandra

Pilar Alessandra is one of my favourite film lecturers: bright, engaging, great at audience participation. I recently bought her book The Coffee Break Screenwriter: Writing Your Script Ten Minutes A Time… 576 more words

Film Noir elements of 'Kill Bill'

The Setting - Kill Bill has a strong Urban settings with the back streets of Asian markets. Back alleys and Restaurants used all that incorporate dark settings with hard shadows and little light. 221 more words