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Point Blank Quote

“You’ve already said you were going to kill me,” Alex said, “but I didn’t think that meant you were going to bore me to death.” – from Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz… 9 more words


A Two-Faced Friendship: Turkey Is 'Partner and Target' for the NSA

Source: SpiegelOnline, by Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach, Michael Sontheimer and Holger Stark, 8/31/2014

On a December night in 2011, a terrible thing happened on Mount Cudi, near the Turkish-Iraqi border. 1,128 more words


I'm use to it...

I’m use to it…At times the silence is deafening but it has now become my companion…

I’m use to it…The cold is numbing but my heart no longer yearns for the warmth of you… 111 more words


The Day After the Whale Slaughter...

“A culture is an environment from which things grow and like cultures of bacteria it is not always a good thing”.

Sea Shepherd volunteers woke up to a bag of dead birds tossed on their doorstep and it is now quite clear that the Danish government has thrown their cards on the table in support of cruelty and slaughter.During the last 85 days, the Sea Shepherd look-outs on land and the Sea Shepherd boats on the water were able to divert back to sea, three large pods of pilot whales, and for 85 days not a single whale or dolphin was slain.However we all knew that eventually the logistics and the geography would allow for a breach for the whalers to seize their opportunity.Yesterday the six-person team on Sandoy Island at Sandur spotted six boats leaving the harbor. 1,258 more words


TV • HANNIBAL • man-tree

Hannibal merges man and tree in the exhibiting of his kill.

Do Not Give in to Fear

Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you. (I Jn. 3:13)

It seems today that the western church is marveling and fretting because of the hatred of the world toward Christians.

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