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My Son's Killer

The July 21 issue of the New Yorker has an article about a rare genetic disorder that reminds me how important it is for families to keep pressing on with their own investigation and research. 137 more words

3P Deletion Blog

Fishy Fact No.16

Killer Whale pods often share out the role of taking care of the young

An average killer whale pod consists of 20 killer whales and they stay together for life, often sharing care of the young.

Fishy Facts

… Fighter Could Carry Six Ship Killer Torpedoes, A Record At The Time

India’ -mrca fighter competition: order cut coming?, India’s defense procurement process is definitely a game for the patient, and this competition has been no exception. the medium multi-role combat aircraft (mmrca. 122 more words

A Thousand Words : The Junkyard Murders Part 2

So my make money from blog views of stories in thousand word pieces experiment continues. Here is the part 2 of the The Junkyard Murders. I’m also including part 1 as well just in case you missed it. 122 more words


THE BIG UGLY BLADE - from The Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.

She watched him go, sighed and pushed away the papers. But he was back too soon, moving purposefully, drawing her concern. Then she saw the knife held down by his right side, the big ugly blade she never wanted to see. 8 more words


Truesight in my mind

@Pomp31us DM's judgment, but I'd say no

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 22, 2014