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quizzing the King Jester

On February 19th, we’ll be going to see the Killing Joke documentary “The Death & Resurrection Show” at the Southbank (NFT), which includes a Q&A session with the director Shaun Pettigrew, and the singer Jaz Coleman. 38 more words

The Big Batman Read: The Killing Joke (in 100 words)

For me, this is the Joker story. It gives him an origin and a sympathetic background that in the hands of another writer would have failed but here Alan Moore makes it somehow work. 77 more words

The Big Batman Read


I will admit that the fist time I heard this song it was spinning on my 5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited by Metallica, and I loved it.   36 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Thou Shalt Probably Never Learn

I am a sample. I am a scapegoat of useless, futureless, endless, mindless ideas.
I’m a number on the paper you file away.
I’m a portfolio you stick in the drawer.
1,245 more words


Lump Shunt

Before I start banging on inanely  you need to get over to A Pariah Speaks and read his stuff,  just sayin’, in fact inspired by… 2,008 more words


ink....every picture tells a story

I’ve got you under my skin

In the mid to late 80’s I had a few tattoos done, but in recent years they looked tired and faded and, to be honest, not my taste any more.  261 more words


musicians... makers of noise

Without deliberating for too long, I aim to list my favourite ‘name’ musicians to form a humungous supergroup of Noise.


Reeve Gabrels, Brian Molko, Geodie Walker, Billy Duffy, Steve Stevens, John Ashton, Danny Ash. 61 more words