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Passage of time

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything. It seems I was unaware of the passage of time especially when so much has changed. 111 more words


Killing Time: 2014 In Review

I actually went to the bother of putting this very little report together for a column last year, and here WordPress has so very kindly gone and done it for me this time.   200 more words


Killing Time - December 29, 2014 "Happy Holidays"


Veteran fans of KT are running through the streets, tearing at their eyeballs at the lack of order.  We do MY FAVORITE SCENE on Tuesdays and KILLING TIME on Thursdays!   323 more words


Today is The Day

So, it’s finally the day.

Today is the day we find out the sex of the baby!

And we are so excited, it is currently 9am and bar the four hours of sleep we have had; we have been killing time by watching Suits, we can physically watch no more. 58 more words


This Guy Wrote about "Upworthy Style" Headlines, and I Couldn't Believe What He Said Next, or, Wait, Maybe I Could

They’re everywhere on my social media feeds: “This Woman Puts a Magazine in a Microwave, and I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next” and “I Thought This Guy Was Just Making a Snowman, but When I Saw What He Was Really Doing, I Freaked” or “This Fisherman Feeds His Toyota Camry to a Great White Shark, What Happens Next is Unbelievable”. 432 more words

Reviews And Rants

DIY December, Part II

So after having broken my ankle, I had to find SOMETHING to do since working out was totally off the table.

So DSD (Darling Step Daughter) and I hit the Pinterest baby afghan posts to find a pattern we wanted to do for the baby. 375 more words