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The Sea of Words

“Hey, I like your shoes!” is what an aid station volunteer, near the turnaround point of a race, shouted to me this morning, even if I wasn’t running in the race, which had brought me to a stop. 801 more words

Pleated apples

I had a pretty lazy day today. It was nice. I’ve been so busy for so long, it was weird being able to relax without feeling guilty. 78 more words


Fashion Classics: TRENDING Fall/Winter 2014-15: Plaid

American lumberjacks and potheads everywhere will be pleased to see that plaid is very much on trend this fall/winter season. However, the iconic sloppy-buttoned red-dominant flannel plaid oxford is not the only offering in the mix currently. 413 more words


Queues, Haggis and Hills.

OK… so this blogging thing is hard to do on a regular basis…

Since I last wrote a blog, I’ve since ran in Cambridge, Edinburgh and Yorkshire, so I’ll give you the condensed versions of each: 772 more words

The Fitting with Maggie

How come I get a kilt and you get leather pants? I complained.

Hue was on the other side of the curtain being fitted for his “uniform”. 758 more words

Gen. Story

The sound of bagpipes

While bagpipes are certainly an acquired taste this boy knew how to play them well.

In Edinburgh, Scotland.

“I understand that the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthatic pig under his arm. 30 more words