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Decent weather

The weather has been really good the last couple of weeks. If it stays like this, I’ll probably get the kilt out this weekend.


Glasgow Gins and Bares It

I AM utterly incapable of finding my way around a map, let alone the world, constantly confusing my north with my south, and in the global game in which you have a 50 percent chance of heading in the right direction, I always get it wrong. 1,046 more words


My Modest Wedding Dress

Inspired by the Modest Mom’s modest wedding dress inspiration this week and the fact that it’s wedding season for most people, I thought I would share photos from my wedding and how I made it more modest. 782 more words


On the mend

I am finally starting to feel better after a week of being sick.  Who would have thought that Elves get sick? I guess that makes sense, I’ve gotten colds my entire life.   253 more words

Awkward Moments

Feel free to chime in, but when I wake-up naked in bed with a friend there are always moments of awkwardness.  So when I woke-up tangled up with Ian this morning one such moment ensued.   1,801 more words

On your marks, get set.....

Kitted out in all his Team Scotland gear I felt so proud of Andy. It was obvious what it meant to him walking out of our home in his kit; the pride and excitement was evident! 601 more words


slightly twinged

A little bit of muscle along the left shin is a bit tweaked right now. Because of that, I’m going to cut back the mileage this week and do nothing fast and hard. 950 more words