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♥ Music Video Reaction ♥ Kim Hyun Joong - Beauty ♥

What a Beauty, Beauty! Beauty Beauty!! He’s such a Beauty Beauty~!! hihi ♥‿♥
This is solo going to be stuck in my head for ages hahah XD Beauty Beauty~ ♪♪♪ 417 more words

Kim Hyun-joong, you're wasting your talent...

How many times does someone have to answer the same asinine question about his/her ideal type? Can interviewers not come up with new questions? Are viewers not sick of listening to the same answers being repeated again and again? 131 more words


Kim Hyun Joong [article]... GREATER LOVE

By: LazerKim               Any update about Kim Hyun Joong?? NONE! Fine, so this only mean he’s again cooking something inside the kitchen, then let’s leave him be on his own busy days behind the scene. 1,503 more words

It's not Friday Random KPOP MV, "Beauty Beauty" by Kim Hyun Joong

credit:KIMHYUNJOONG Official Channel

Great tune. I am slowly becoming a fan of Hyun Joong. He is wonderful to watch, This video was very well shot. I liked how it seemed to be one continuous shot of him (although that’s just great editing.) It’s a great song, let me know what you think. It’s a beauty!!!

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