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Top 10 Cartoon Shows from my Childhood

I love cartons, I used to watch a lot of different cartoons and I still do. Last night I was watching TV and I put one of those channels that only shows cartoons and I thought, what is wrong with this shows?? 656 more words


Kim Possible Hidden Letters

Description: Find all the hidden letters in these pictures of Kim Possible and the rest characters of Kim Possible Tv show. Beat all five levels to win the game. 12 more words

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The One NOT About Project Possible...

              How are you?

Have you been alright…through all those lonely
              lonely nights

That’s what I’d say.
‘d tell you everything… 447 more words


TV Review: "Kim Possible"

OVERALL: This show makes me so happy. I should start TiVoing it again so I can watch it again.

POINTS: What a fun show! It pokes fun at high school stereotypes, James Bond, and the world in general – how could you not love it? 359 more words

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A Girl's Thoughts in 140 Characters


It’s official! I can keep my thoughts within 140 characters. Follow @girlhoodrat to keep up with blog posts, updates on “Girls”, and other random thoughts. 128 more words


Villains United

There is speculations that Dr.Drakken combined with DNAmy, Monkey Fist, Motor Ed, Duff Killigan and Prof. Dementor will be planning an attack on Kim Possible and her Family. 15 more words

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