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10 things I want to achieve from BLOGGING.

How scary is writing your first blog post??? I write on twitter and on a few blogs before but I still feel nervy b about this.  270 more words


Introducing Estee Lauders It Girl,

Kim Kardashians baby sister has landed a gig of her life time by named the face and representative of the esteemed makeup of the stars Estee Lauder. 96 more words



I woke up this morning to over 30 posts of women and a few men showing me how they #breakteeth. How ironic that seeing those smiles made me smile. 761 more words

Dont Be A Grinch


JavaScript required to play Dont_be_a_Grinch.

Do you have a Grinch in your life? A negative Nancy? Pessimistic Pam? Debbie Downer? A Mean Molly? 212 more words


The "Shakespeare" of our time.

Here’s one thing that pisses me off. KANYE WEST!

I think the reason why I hate him so much is because I love almost all of his old songs, I had all the albums and used to have them on repeat for years. 218 more words

Kardashians hell of a year!

Seems like these last months the Kardashian Klan have been making headlines left and right (and im talking more than the usual!)Looks like it has been a pretty big year for all of them as individuals! 590 more words


Feminism, girl-power, KimK & Co.... What does that make me???

I have always and will always identify myself as a feminist, because I believe with every fibre of my being that women and men should absolutely in every imaginable situation be treated equally. 671 more words