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5 Monologue Jokes: 1/25/15

1. Scientists confirmed last week that, contrary to popular belief, cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis later in life, but it does lead to black eyes in movie theaters. 107 more words

5 Monologue Jokes: 1/23/15

1. Skymall filed for bankruptcy today, claiming that they just couldn’t compete with the abundance of flights providing internet access. They went on to say it was much easier to get flyer’s attention when their¬†only competition was Two and a Half Men reruns. 146 more words

Prince or Frog? A Bachelor blog

Congratulations to Lorenzo Scott for submitting the winning title proposal. Witty, funny and applicable to our kiss-happy Bachelor. Thank you Lorenzo for a great title. 977 more words


Benedict Cumberbatch By Any Other Name

Oh Jimmy Kimmel, you sly dog! Watch as Benedict introduces himself by a myriad of different names, none which compare to his original glorious name. Except maybe Bane….or Groot. 7 more words

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What is a Twitter Party?

Promote Your Business Through Twitter Parties – February 2nd – 11:15 CT

You may be asking yourself, Twitter what?? A Twitter party is a way to create an experience online, a chanc… 152 more words