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stellar day kids.

Tomorrow, will be Cruz’s first day of kindergarten. Yes. I just said that.

I can’t believe he’s starting kindergarten! And that we will be homeschooling him, which is something I never thought we’d seriously do. 414 more words


ABC Sorting


This was another one of our ABC activities. We had 2 sorting circles and placed the uppercase letters in one and lowercase in the other. As you can see from the picture there was some confusion at first. 




Sensory Play



This is one of the ways that we tried to keep the sensory experiences new. We would always be adding new things (especially to the sand, ex. 39 more words


Lite Brite - Fine Motor Activity

We re-introduced lite brite to the kids! This one was really neat! Nothing like what I used to have as a kid. This one was a cube that would fold out so that 4 different people could work on it at the same time. 33 more words


ABC Center Activity


This was one of the activities that we set out at our ABC centre. It is a baking sheet with a thin layer of salt on top. 24 more words


Stickle Blocks

These are called stickle blocks and were very popular with the after school children. There were a few boys in my class who always wanted to play with these. 71 more words