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All-Day Kindergarten? Exploratory Task Force Forming

More than once, during the School Committee’s two-year-long debate over providing computer devices for every high school student, member Deidre Gifford asked how the so-called “1-to-1” program was being addressed before other such issues as full-day kindergarten. 364 more words

How We Homeschool: Picking the Areas of Study

When I started to plan our first official year of homeschooling, I was very concerned about what my child was “supposed” to be learning in Kindergarten. 493 more words


Quirky Mama

I don’t know if it’s just the name or the website itself, but I would like to recommend and give a “shout out” to
kidsactivitiesblog.com It’s full of great ideas for all you quirky mamas AND papas. 6 more words

A dragon and his fairy princess

Once upon a time, there was a princely boy who loved to stop around and make as much noise as he could. At times, the racket that the prince created was so great, that the prince’s mommy and daddy (the king and queen) told the prince to go his royal chambers to take a break and calm his body.  461 more words

Learning Resources-Math Rods

We’re really enjoying the Math-Rod sets that were loaned to us by a good friend.  We have an Addition and Subtraction Kit and a Kindergarten Math Kit.   171 more words

The First Day is a BIG Day!

Kindergarten can be a scary and exciting place for both the students and the parents.  I want to make this transition as comfortable as possible for all parties involved, so I have included a few tips that might help. 127 more words

First Day

Discovering Music Carnival at UVM!

On Saturday, April 19th the Music Education Majors at UVM hosted a MUSIC CARNIVAL! People of all ages were invited to come take a lesson on any instrument you’d like, hear performances, and enter raffles to win music prizes! 206 more words

3/4 Grade