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Kindess Selfie

How do we position kindness to get the best picture:

– What is kindness?
– How to be kind effortlessly?
– The Dark Side
– The Sunny Side… 77 more words


Poem Final

This is my final poem project. For my process, we recorded audio with a zoom recorder and exported them onto a share drive. We then imported them into premiere and cut the lines and strung them together to create the poem. 59 more words


Sticks, stones and ping-pong balls.

There was a game, when I was younger.

You wore a vest with a large, black target printed on it made of velcro- (that sticky, scratchy material to which other stuff made of velcro pleasingly adheres). 1,348 more words



Girls can be just awful to each other, can’t they? Gossip, rumors, insults. It’s terrible. Girls have a way of tearing you down with a single look, a death glare. 743 more words


The Art of Conversation: Kindness Helps

The art of conversation is a complicated skill, especially when it comes to communication in relationships. Sadly, it is one that I have really struggled with because I did not see healthy communication of difficult issues in my family when I was a child. 1,125 more words


M's Quotes - 9

Each Day…

Be Genuine, Demonstrate Kindness, Exhibit Honesty, Display Authenticity, Breathe Integrity, Exude Confidence and SMILE through the challenges…”


Love Thyself

Love thyself, love thy voice and thy face, 

Love thy body and thy soul with grace.

Forget the sorrows and tears of the past,

Embrace joy and warmth at last. 65 more words