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Magical Elixirs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could really drink a magical drink and find your inner whatever-you-need?

I found some drinks today at Sprouts that made me laugh. 159 more words

It Turns Out a Lot of People Like Whiskey

There are many things that I’ve read about blogging that I am starting to experience for myself. For example, my last post about negative attention was something that I had seen many bloggers talk about. 198 more words


Is it alright to have Boundaries?


I’m a people person.  People have always mattered to me; even as a child I felt great empathy and protection for people around me.  Some would say that this is a good trait and I might too.  603 more words

Kindess Selfie

How do we position kindness to get the best picture:

– What is kindness?
– How to be kind effortlessly?
– The Dark Side
– The Sunny Side… 77 more words


Poem Final

This is my final poem project. For my process, we recorded audio with a zoom recorder and exported them onto a share drive. We then imported them into premiere and cut the lines and strung them together to create the poem. 59 more words


Are you akin to kindness?

It’s not news; as far as history traces our interactions, we humans have had troubles with one another. We get ourselves tied in knots worrying about the latest news: a new terrorist group here, a gang murder there, racist violence and religious discord– just about everywhere. 451 more words