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Kindess & Helping One Another

This time of year brings out a side to everyone that cant be seen any other time or year. You have the Salvation Army, Brown Santas, Angel Trees, and several other companies/people talking about helping those in need. 334 more words

Haters Gonna Hate

Yesterday was a tough day. Some days are just harder than others. Sometimes for no reason at all, but yesterday I had a reason. I usually am pretty good about brushing things off and letting things go, but not yesterday. 725 more words

Elusive Happiness - or located in your heart right now ...

… just waiting to come out!

How many times do we say or hear the words “I’m just not happy?” Frequently! And yet happiness is only elusive when we dwell on it (or our perception of the lack of it). 154 more words

Why I Love

Sam’s Blog: One Act Of Kindness!

There’s a lot of anger out there towards the police. There’s an almost equal amount of anger directed towards the protesters. It appears that America isn’t as post-racial as many of us had hoped. 94 more words


If only everyone was this kind...

I saw this on my news feed on Facebook and was just overwhelmed with this young boys kindness for the animals. And I though everyone should see how being kind is done. 96 more words


Best Person Ever Pays Off Everyone's Layaway Bill at Toys 'R' Us

Santa is real, and she’s a woman.

A donor visited a Toys ‘R’ Us location in Bellingham, Mass., on Wednesday and paid off more than 150 layaway accounts, to the tune of $20,000, the Milford… 59 more words

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A wise man once said to me – “It’s easier to be nice.”
And he was right.
I have kept these words closely tucked in to the very heart of me. 23 more words