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Two sides of the highway - From: A Commuter's Eye View

Love and Time! One gives you life, the other takes it away!

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The desire to submit to his will, to do things that other people said were wrong.

I loved it when men got so excited and talked nasty. The thought of sucking his dick outside under the stars was exhilarating.
“No hands. Just use your mouth. 221 more words

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Biting her lower lip Amy turned away from me and grabbed a danish.

“Okay. You didn’t answer my question.”
“What question?” Amy replied coyly.
“Where’s my phone?” I said tersely.
“We turned it off last night in the Blue Bar, I don’t even know if I can find it.” 155 more words

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Epitaph - From: A Commuter's Eye View

Pain is the epitaph that tells of the scars one wore in life.

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roll over and have some spontaneous combustion with Jackie

“Ed, get in touch with me as soon as you can.”
Guys don’t have BFF’s, that’s just another one of those mysterious girl thingys to me, but if I did Ed would be at the top of the list. 288 more words

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I manipulated whichever woman was on my face into an uncontrolled orgasm as fast as I could make it happen.

She had just experienced a series of multiple orgasms from my anilingus and g-spot manipulation. She dragged herself away from my face, her legs still trembled from orgasmic after shocks. 49 more words

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Anxious to see Vicky again.

“Thank you, Ron. Tell Vicky I’m anxious to see her again.”
“Of course, Jeff, believe me when I say that her feelings are mutual. I’ve never seen her so excited.” 94 more words

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