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Shameless Plug

For all of you tech types, “The Andy Project” can now be purchased for the Kindle.

Food Lovers Guide To Amsterdam: New For Amazon Kindle

For my latest book on Kindle I decided to take a break from local maritime history. I love to travel and I love to eat and over the years I have compiled lots of information of Amsterdam’s restaurant scene. 207 more words

New Ebook

Humor--for after Thanksgiving dinner

Admit it, when it comes to Thanksgiving, we do two things–eat too much, and get overly stressed because we’re stuck in a house with all those family members we spent the rest of the year avoiding. 97 more words

Cool Stuff

Before I Sleep: sneak peek

Only twenty-four hours until I get down the business of copyrighting, ISBNing, and uploading Before I Sleep to Amazon’s KDP servers. The last week has been creatively harrowing. 737 more words


Very interesting...

I won’t finish the title with my favorite ending (you know, from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In? Where the little guy with the German accent says… 359 more words



  An exciting year where you will often throw caution to the wind and act on impulse. You may pick up and go or simply tear up the script of your current life for something which promises more. 251 more words


I have recently finished Birdsong, and was shocked at how it impacted me emotionally. It wasn’t the story that I found so moving, but rather the parallel lives of those back in Blighty and the indifference they felt towards the front line soldiers. 30 more words