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Week 1: Kindness. Saturday

What stands in the way of kindness?

I thought I could not be kind because I am heartless. Oh how I have cried over being heartless. 536 more words


Poem: I Forgot, Again

An argument
The ex-partner
Hanging up the phone
You can’t merge incompatible views
Comes back into view

I forgot,

It is so simple… 14 more words


That 'Ah Ha' moment

I was so unkind to me, then ‘ah ha’ I began to hug myself a little tighter each day and my giggles became spiritual laughter. My self inflicted prison crumbled and swag became my wag. 170 more words


Teachers Don't Have the Luxury of "Bad Days"

Having “a bad day” is a luxury that, for 180 days each year, is not an option for a teacher.

Earlier this week, on historic Main Street in downtown Park City, I fell into fashion. 449 more words

Kindness, compassion day 13, true empathy

Today I start developing true empathy. This isn’t easy, you have to believe that you have the capacity to do all the wrongs that could ever be done, that no misdeed should be misjudged, that there is no right or wrong just acts that have taken place under the guidance of the human condition. 60 more words


10/10/14 Grant Shapps - Who gave you my email address?

Grant, lovely though it was to receive your email today, I can only wonder how on earth you got my 2 week old email address. … 1,496 more words

Mental Health

Give more than just Thanks.....or be thankful for some help

I saw this on Facebook today and wanted to help spread the word……

I know that pretty much every local supermarket these days will have bags of food out that you can buy to help out families and that there are many other avenues where you can help people but this one is easy.   132 more words