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25/07/14 Only 10% of the NHS Budget is Spent on mental health services - a letter to MP's

What can I do to help?
I am, what could be best described as, a mental health campaigner. I am currently walking around the edge of the UK to highlight the experiences of people with a mental health problem, who often feel on the edge. 787 more words

Mental Health

Another Point on the the Debate About Equality of the Sexes

This is another one of those blogs helping me work out in my own head how to explain to others my thoughts on the word “feminism,” so if you’re not interested in ramblings or some repeat information from my other blog posts, go ahead and skip this one. 1,089 more words


Real Time Good News: Strangers on a Train

This morning I groggily handed my weekly ticket to the train official. She then informed me my ticket was not valid until tomorrow. How can this be? 172 more words

Feel Good

Poppy, Stories and Buns

1   As I drew the blinds this morning, there was a new pink poppy, just opened this morning.

2   We had lots of Choir-babies today as the schools have broken up. 75 more words



The words you say mean nothing, the way you say them means everything.
- Eileen Parra