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The hot chocolate stand

My neighbor has one of the best Christmas light shows going in our town. Our street is literally lined with cars each night from 6:00-10:00 pm, all waiting to watch & listen to the show. 219 more words


A Tiny Little Thing Called Karma

Ahhh karma. We all know who you are. You’re that little voice inside our heads when we are about to do something that could have repercussions later. 326 more words


Kindness, it's not black and white

I watched ‘skint’ last night. A show about people living in deprived places and how they found it difficult to survive off little money. So many contradictions here’s a few: 215 more words


Your Mother and My Mother

I had a very beautiful experience the other day. While shopping, a man came up to me. He asked, “Are you Muslim, honey?” My response was a simple, “Yes.” He then proceeded to tell me “Happy Chanukah.” I smiled politely, not able to correct his kind gesture, but then he asked me if that was correct, so I explained that people of the Jewish faith celebrate Chanukah. 199 more words


Acts of Kindness for Children with Special Needs

So, I read plenty of stories about acts of kindness towards children during the holidays, and they always make me tear up. It was’t until the late 1900s that IDEA became a huge part of educational law, and children with special needs were not included in the education system. 319 more words


Kindness has awkward moments

I have a cat, it broke its leg about 2 years ago and as a result the leg is quite crooked. Yesterday my new neighbour found the cat sitting under her car and thought it had been knocked down by a another car. 71 more words


Cornish Daffodils, Zig Ziglar and Cornish Yarg

1   A very good friend brought me some beautiful Cornish grown daffodils today, very much appreciated. The gesture warmed my soul. Thank you.

2   This little plaque came my way via two other lovely friends, one here in Cornwall and her sister-in-law in Vermont. 83 more words