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Train's "Teddy Rescue" Helps Lost Toys Journey Home

Britain’s First Great Western train company has begun an interesting and endearing campaign to reconnect plush toys left on their various routes to their owners.  The company has posted “mug shots” of many of the misplaced stuffed animals, complete with date found, height, and weight.  92 more words

Feel Good

Things I'm Thankful For Part 1

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I am taking this week to make a list of the people/things I am blessed to have. 147 more words


Earlier today my boyfriend and I were strolling along the town’s main street.  I was feeling good.  My back was feeling much better and I was walking without Arthur C Crutch now.  

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Pay It Forward

Kindness and generosity abound in this world. I was doubting this very thought years ago. I thought people merely accept help and it ends there. Little did I know that the kindness we experience everyday is actually a cycle that has been circulating positively all around us. 356 more words


Tsa Lung Trul Khor - Patanjali's Place Dec 19-21, 2014

During my Kundalini awakening almost five years ago, in addition to working with my energetic healer, I was fortunate to know how to do the Tibetan Tsa Lung practices. 287 more words


Faithful Servants

watch judgment & arrogance. doesn’t go unnoticed. concentrate on kindness, tenderness. will serve you & others much more faithfully.

Right Brain

Inspiration Friday: The Rewards of Love and Kindness

Happy Friday!

I just came across this very inspirational video today.  What does this man receive from the acts of kindness he performs every day?  Rewards far greater than anything money can buy.  11 more words

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