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Pick Me!

The eager cry of a child’s “Pick me!” has the power to stir anxiety as well as anticipation in the hearts of young and old alike. 311 more words


A servants' heart...

Take the time to do small, selfless acts for other people; but don’t let them know you did it!  Perhaps if you walk by an expired parking meter, you can put in a coin or two. 71 more words

Business of the Month: Ottawa Therapy Dogs

Another month has arrived! At The Doxie Press’s HQ that means we are introducing a new Business of the Month and this month we are headed to Ottawa, Canada! 1,192 more words


Kindness - It Starts With A Simple Gesture

 Get your kindness on!!!  Look around, there is always a simple gesture we can do….. Mine to you today is this reminder and more importantly…. Have A Beautiful Day!!!!   15 more words


Raising Compassionate, Thoughtful Kids

It’s never too early to teach children to treat others with respect and to model compassion and thoughtfulness through our own behavior. Now that my kids are six and eight, I am looking for more tangible ways for them to understand the cause and effect of their actions. 390 more words

Alternative Reproduction

There are a frightening number of people in society that measure the worth of a woman in large part by whether or not she has produced offspring.  359 more words

Gratitude Reveals Blessings

Wake in the knowing that everything in your life is exactly as it is meant to be today. This moment is all we have. Instead of living for the future and missing out on the wonders of each day, live for the moment, put aside your troubles and be thankful for what you have right now.