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Small, Kind Acts Offer Hope

If you think the world is “going to hell in a pot,” and there’s nothing one person can do, perhaps you are right. You can’t change the world completely, but you can change for the better parts of the world in which you live, and that’s important. 69 more words

John C. Morgan

Weekend Bits - Links I Love

Does anyone else internally cringe a little bit when someone calls them “nice” or “kind”? I’ve been labeled with these attributes fairly frequently throughout my life and for some reason it has driven me CRAZY.   190 more words

27 hours post-op

It’s 9pm the day after my surgery and I’m sitting in the chair in my hosiptal room tapping away at my portable keyboard, taking advantage of a surge of energy after a couple of hours of good… 445 more words

Gastric Bypass

Weekend Wisdom: Kindness - Part 2

I’ve posted quotes about kindness before but felt the need to do it again. You see my world is filled with negative, unkind, crabby people. It is unclear whether their crabbiness is caused by the issues in the Middle East, the protesting in Ferguson, MO or some other issue.   141 more words

Weekend Wisdom

One more for the road...

The nature of friendship has been the subject of my musings of late, and a discussion on the theme with an old housemate led me to recall an experience from almost 15 years ago. 1,640 more words


Cupcake Heaven

Referring to my post the other day “Send Love”, I came home from work yesterday to find 18 cupcakes identical to the ones in the photograph! 126 more words