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Parallel Processing and Lambda expressions in C++11 – Part 2

If you’ve made the changes to the code from Part 1 then you already have code that should be working dramatically faster. In the next steps I’m going to use C++ templates to further enhance the code. 680 more words


Parallel Processing and Lambda expressions in C++11 - Part 1

One of the exciting new features introduced with C++11 is lambda expressions. .NET has had these for a while so its nice to be able to use them in C++ too. 847 more words


A Pet Of The Internet Of Things

In 2012 Bruce Sterling talked about web ‘stacks’, large companies based online that have built around themselves a self supporting network that mines and stores big data. 476 more words


Microsoft allows developers to deploy applications, "Kinect" at her shop

Microsoft launched these days the second version of the package code development SDK on the Windows software package formally, and own device “Kinect” Kinect new, that brought with it over two hundred improved and updated since the launch of the beta version of that, additionally to a major amendment associated with the preparation of applications “Kinect” , wherever developers will currently for the primary time business enterprise applications, particularly the “Kinect” on the search windows. 306 more words

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CGRundertow KINECT DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES For Xbox 360 Video Game Overview by Chic Decorations

Kinect Disneyland Adventures review. Classic Game Space presents a CGRundertow assessment of Kinect Disneyland Adventures from Frontier Developments, Disney Interactive Studios and Microsoft for the Xbox 360. 28 more words

Wanna use Kinect for Xbox One on Windows? You can with this $50 Adapter!

Microsoft’s Kinect has exceptionally accurate Tracking Capabilities, but those capabilities are underutilized in the closed-box Gaming Environment of the Xbox One.

Now, Microsoft has announced a $50 Adapter that allows the Xbox One Kinect to be used with the PC 76 more words

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