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Microsoft Research project turns a smartphone camera into a cheap Kinect

Microsoft’s been awfully busy at this
year’s SIGGRAPH conference: embers of
the company’s research division have
already illustrated how they can
interpret speech based on the… 285 more words


The Kinect has made me lazy -- and I like it

I was in the bathroom when I realized how much my TV-watching lifestyle has changed due to the Kinect.

When you think about it, altering living-room habits because of a new piece of technology is a very rare thing. 731 more words


Forensic Scientists Can Use The Kinect To Solve Crimes

Microsoft had to spend a lot of time and money explaining to people that the Kinect, despite being a camera that was always on and always pointed at the couch, was not actually recording everything you do. 287 more words


Xbox One vs. Xbox 360: What You Can Expect From the Power of Cloud

Original article as posted can be seen here

As I began to research Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal to break down the differences between the nextgen console and its 360 predecessor, I was struck less by the hardware specifications than by what those new features say about society and the ways in which it has changed since the Xbox 360 release more than eight years ago. 456 more words


Could we ever see Cortana come to xbox one?

What if your xbox one could answer back to you? Well windows software has the personal assistant name Cortana at their disposal so why not have it on xbox one too? 182 more words

If Microsoft want us to buy the Kinect, then they probably shouldn't be embarrassed of it…

Ever since the Kinect didn’t become a mandatory accessory for the Xbox One and allowed the price of purchasing the console to decrease by $100, the… 370 more words

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training Lair Let's Play

While the UK release date of the new turtles movie isn’t till October the 17th. We got a chance to play the latest turtles game that was released for free in the US to help celebrate the movie, and as it happens it’s a kinect game!