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Twirling Christmas Tree

The year of the spinning Christmas tree was when I was balancing metal “s” shapes in to pieces that swing and spin. Some of them stand some of them hang. 24 more words


Dancing Snowman Gift

Thanks for the penguin likes. You probably (hopefully) will notice that the gifts get better as the years go by. May that continue. Hopefully we all improve over time. 108 more words


Penguins Christmas Gift Year Five

Just because there are no penguins at the north pole does not mean they can’t be a good Christmas gift. This “penguin” has a swinging body with a bobbly head and beak. 40 more words


The Christmas Reinmoose

The fourth year (? the order of years 4-9 is still being debated!) of making Christmas pieces was this attempt at a reindeer. It is a kinetic hanging ornament that articulates in three places giving its legs, body and head independent motion. 89 more words


The Thirteen Years of Christmas

Christmas shopping in the boondocks had its limitations. My budget did too.(still does!) Obligatory gift giving and re-gifting made the season not merry and slight. 87 more words



Who was the Zero group and what did it represent (1957-1966)? The first room of the Guggenheim exhibition in the High Gallery shows a reconstitution of the 1959 Antwerp exhibition… 286 more words

Contemporary Art

Personal Project: Mechanical Fabrication

This was my final project for a motion graphics course. It documents the build process of my latest kinetic sculpture and explains the inner workings.