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Chapter 2 pt. 2

Heat of vaporization is the heat required to turn 1g of water into gas. Heat of fusion is the heat required to turn 1g of water into ice. 326 more words

Biology 211 (Cell)

Why is light pure energy?

Light is not pure energy. While it is true that light has no mass, this fact does not imply that light is pure energy. Light is composed of fundamental quantum objects called photons… 1,085 more words


#34 Starlight

How can we study the stars? Really study them? I’m sure I’m not the only amateur human who wonders what the stars are like up close. 1,653 more words

Astronomical Chronicles

A:M ft. Smithy - Kinetic Energy [Prod. by Kid Beatz]

21-year-old Connecticut rapper A:M also known as Abstrakt Mind just dropped a new Kid Beatz-produced cut entitled, “Kinetic Energy.” A:M trades some slick bars over this beat with the help of a rapper by the name of Smithy. Stream below!

Stomp the Ground (The Ego)

A pedestal undeserving

Covers to boost

Sheathing of a long-running issue

Blades replaced by ideas

Knowledge for vanity’s sake

Poor man, rich amounts of stupidity… 112 more words

Creative Writing


Energy: n: that mysterious subset which can be stored and then released to move a different subset(s) and/or a vibration(s)

To truly understand energy you have to think of it in terms of STORED ENERGY (potential energy) and RELEASED ENERGY (kinetic energy and/or electromagnetic energy and/or gravity). 487 more words

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