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Multiobjective Optimization Results for the Typhoon Machine Gun

In an earlier post I discussed the feasibility of the Typhoon machine gun from Crysis 3. In MATLAB, I used the function fgoalattain() to perform constrained multiobjective optimization (see the earlier post for nomenclature). 239 more words

Types of Energy

This website tries to build off the previous mentioned topic electricity.  That doesn’t mean that one needs to cover that topic before discussing kinetic and potential energy.   49 more words

Energy, Motion And Forces

[Just for Fun] Get Amped Up About Exercise

What would it look like if fitness fused with clean energy? A little device called Ampy.

Ampy combines the idea of a Fitbit or other similar activity-tracking devices with the ability to turn kinetic energy into electricity (you know, like those flash lights that you can crank to power them?). 154 more words

How to Calculate Kinetic Energy!

To determine your Kinetic Energy (foot pounds) you will need to know the total weight of your arrow in grains and the speed of your arrow in feet-per-second. 190 more words

Shooting Tips

Kinetic charging device that fits in your pocket

Springwise covers a new charging device called AMPY that stores kinetic energy from the movement of its owner – including walking and running.

AMPY is currently a Kickstarter campaign and can fit in a pocket or be worn with an armstrap. 31 more words

Strange Energy

It’s a strange day… A strange morning…

Something is really off with everything here… There’s a feeling of chaotic energy in the air. Someone who is usually so laid back they fall over is behaving so angry and inflamed with no explanation – skirting the line of rather “crazy” that scared me. 881 more words