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Playing with trains: grid level storage

One of the most important aspects of a society¬†powered by renewable will be power storage. Fortunately, we don’t need to wait for new technology, and we don’t need to build huge chemical batteries. 49 more words

Global Warming

Chemistry A level - Kinetics

*I apologise to my followers for spamming your feed with all these chemistry related posts! I’m throwing my notes away so I wanted to get these revision notes up onto the blog before I scrapped¬†them. 160 more words

How can a material at a certain temperature have all of its molecules at the same energy?

A material at a certain temperature does not have all of its particles at the same energy. In the basic definition of the word, “temperature” is the average random motional (kinetic) energy of the particles of a material. 777 more words


Wild Star: Warrior Build Guide


What exactly is a warrior? “Armed to the teeth and fearlessly wading into battle with multiple enemies, warriors are unstoppable juggernauts of brutality and combat! 2,334 more words


Brakes and technology

A brake is a machine element and its principle object is to absorb energy during deceleration. In vehicle brakes are used to absorb kinetic energy whereas in hoists or elevators brakes are also used to absorb potential energy. 52 more words

Automobile Engineering

The Wind Turbines

We stand on century duty
Three arms up in the air
Catching the wind in breezy flight
To distribute and share
Kinetic energy renewed
As clean mechanic power… 45 more words