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Daily Writing Prompt #373

Someone figures out how to wirelessly transmit kinetic energy, and releases the technology in wands and staffs and pretends it’s magic.


Are you talking to me?

It was an early start for me on this particular day.  Everything was going fine until something strange happened. On the subway back home after an interview I had, there was a man on board who I first thought was on his cellphone talking to someone. 493 more words

Kinetic Energy

W.C.W. 09-07-2014


Developing Inch Power is something every Wing Chun practitioner should be taking an active interest in, in many ways developing “Inch Power” is exactly the opposite as developing Nim Lik, and because of this and the fact that so many Wing Chun Practitioners spend the majority of their time trying to develop Nim Lik, Fa Jing is conspicuous by its absence, which is very sad because once you have developed Nim Lik it is Fa Jing that delivers it, this fact is often overlooked in the quest for “Thought Force”. 739 more words

Wing Chun

Poster Design Part Seven

I thought that I would use the kinetic energy powered bus stop picture for this poster. I like the black and orange colours in the model and have added a tiny bit of colour to the poster without detracting from the image and the text. 29 more words


Serotonin Movement

I posted a bunch of these flyers around my campus a few months ago. Hopefully the word went out. A lil’ extra serotonin never hurt!

Kinetic Energy

Hear What You Say

Words are tossed around everyday, some more than others. Offensive terms like “That’s So Gay” has always struck a nerve with me. Even typing this out right now infuriates me. 359 more words

Kinetic Energy

"Wealth Factor"

Social inequalities are well alive in the world. I’m aware of this fact. As I get older it feels more real to me. I had the pleasure of meeting a relative whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in years. 365 more words

Kinetic Energy