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influence // Handspring Puppet Company

What influences me: The performer is controlling the actions of an inanimate object and giving them life. In videos I’ve seen of this company, they show how they don’t hide the performer. 221 more words


influence // Ken Feingold

What influences me: These are interactive heads/faces! The first image shows three heads that Ken Feingold programmed to speak to each other and to viewers. They basically have their own personalities that determines what they will say. 36 more words


influence // Tim Hawkinson - Emoter

(Note: these are pictures of the same piece at different times, it is not two separate pieces)

Tim Hawkinson used printed out his face and connected different parts of it to motors. 126 more words


Strange Energy

It’s a strange day… A strange morning…

Something is really off with everything here… There’s a feeling of chaotic energy in the air. Someone who is usually so laid back they fall over is behaving so angry and inflamed with no explanation – skirting the line of rather “crazy” that scared me. 881 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

During the “Dynamo” exhibition at Grand Palais. Kinetic art made Alec dreamy.

Paris 2013

Blur Pictures / Flous