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Could the two of my favorite women in Celtic Mythology be related or one in the same?

As an Arthurian scholar and enthusiast, I love Morgan Le Faye. She has a very sensual and powerful je ne sais quoi. On the other hand, I also like the Morrighan in Irish mythology. 699 more words

Lost Years ~ Chapter Seventeen: The Alleah Bird

Rhia becomes a hypocrite, and then the group goes bird watching. Hey, remember that Merlin guy from the title? I wonder when any of that Arthurian stuff’s gonna come in.

King Arthur

Lost Years ~ Chapter Sixteen: Arbassa's Door

Rhia introduces Emrys to her home, a living tree named Arbassa. She claims she and Arbassa are the best of buddies, and they’ve known each other since childhood. 1,251 more words

King Arthur

The Story of Launcelot and his Companions ~ book review

Things are speeding up in the Pyle series, as Guinevere is kidnapped by Sir Mellegrans (aka Meligaunt) and Lancelot races to the rescue. Meanwhile, the youngest Orkney knight, Gareth, tries to prove that he can earn his merit without any shortcuts, while Ewaine has a misadventure of his own involving a fountain, an invisibility ring, and a lion. 2,055 more words

King Arthur

Lost Years ~ Chapters Twelve, Thirteen, & Fourteen

Welcome back to Lost Years: The world of beautiful imagery, hypocrites for heroes, and of course, ants!

When we left off, kid Merlin (here called Emrys) had caught amnesia, yelled at his mother for confusing reasons, and jumped head-first into a bonfire. 1,630 more words

King Arthur

Maybe Arthur Jesus Is Better Than None!

In late 2009, I lost a pretty incredible job. It wasn’t the paid at the top rate in its industry, by any means, but it was the best wage I’d ever earned and it was a job that I was a natural fit for, (in fact, I had applied and interviewed for a different position, but some test results had the HR and management at the company ask me to me re-interview, for this other job!). 368 more words