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An Uncommon History Lesson

I think I’ll just let this one speak for itself.


“Pride’s purge” (1648)

December 6th On this day in 1648, the Parliamentarian Colonel Thomas Pride expelled over one hundred Presbyterian Royalist Members of Parliament from the Houses of Parliament, in what became known as “Pride’s Purge”. 37 more words

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Endorsed: Bar Obama from making his State of the Union address before Congress

Since it became apparent that President Obama was about to (and did, last night) usurp the legislature’s authority to write and amend our laws, Republicans and conservatives (and some liberals) have been bandying around several strategies to fight back: some form of defunding, censure, even impeachment. 437 more words

Barack Obama

London prepares for Civil War (Giovanni Giustiniani, 1642)

November 7th –  On this day in 1642, Giovanni Giustiniani, the Venetian ambassador to the court of Charles I, wrote in a letter to the Doge and Senate of Venice: 250 more words

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