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The Enlightenment Room

I visit the British Museum every time I visit London, which is with increasing regularity. For me, a trip to London is incomplete without, at least, a quick stop at the British Museum. 97 more words

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My visit to the Fort King George

I continue enjoying my life in Trinidad & Tobago and discovering new places. This time I went to the Fort King George, a structure with a lot of history and with the best panoramic view of this island. 113 more words


Movie review: Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

Hyde Park on Hudson purports to recount the beginning of FDR’s relationship with his fifth (or sixth) cousin, Daisy.

Hyde Park on Hudson is a curious film, built on speculation rather than definitive facts. 336 more words


Remember When Taxes Used to Cause Revolutions?

This is from Town Hall Finance.

“No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.”
Rush Limbaugh

On this day in history, King George encouraged Americans to sign a document that became known as the “Declaration of Independence”… Indirectly, of course. 552 more words

The legend of King George of Italy

You can’t say that, before Mr Giorgio Napolitano, the Italian President was a purely ceremonial figure. For example, it is rumored that President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Italian Armed Forces, stopped Mr Berlusconi’s Government from taking part to the invasion of Iraq. 108 more words


100th Anniversary of the first AIF Convoy

Although April the 25th and November the 11th are perhaps better known, November the 1st is one of the most important dates in Australian history. It was on November the 1st 1914, exactly 100 years ago this Saturday, that Aussie soldiers began the long voyage from Australia to fight for King & Country in ‘the war to end all wars’. 232 more words


Best Sandwich in Tokyo? - King George

While I was still in England I came across on instagram pictures of the most amazing looking sandwich I had ever seen. Just looking at these pictures made me decide on it being a must go place in my first week before I had to start uni. 240 more words