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On the Dark Mirror

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 593 more words


King James I and the Pig, Part 2

Your king feeling blue? A pig prank always lifts his spirits!

“Our King, receiving so many Delays and Dissatisfactions from Spain and Rome . . . 191 more words

The Bible in and as History: Psalms with Reflections at the Top of the Hill

Apologies for the length of time between posts.  I will be rushing to catch up on my publishing schedule and get through the multitude of books I have actually read through as we approach October and the New Testament. 941 more words

King James I and the Dancers

James I loved a good show, but he wasn’t above heckling. While viewing Ben Jonson‘s masque Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue, he was not happy that the dancers began to flag during their last dance. 80 more words

Scotland -- 300 Years of Angst Continues

In light of the referendum yesterday, I happened to be reading at bedtime, just after learning a majority in Scotland had voted to stay with the Brits (though with 1.6 million voting for independence),a book on Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England in the 17th century, and found this illuminating quote on the origins of the Scotish/English union from the author, Catherine Drinker Bowen: 155 more words


Davide's Lunch Break NBA Offseason Team Overview: #1 The Cleveland Cavaliers

The world cup is over and it finished in an underwhelming way: the USA was too good for everyone. It didn’t help that their road to the title was facilitated by an easy group stage and very easy 8ths and quarter finals. 950 more words


Cedar Point Made A BIG LeBron James Announcement!

If LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cedar Point promised they would rename one of their coasters after the king!

It has been two months from today that LeBron announced he was coming home so Cedar Point took it to twitter to say “It’s BIGGER. 45 more words