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Return of The King

Return of The King

16×20 acrylic on canvas

I did this painting during Worship at Community In Christ, Presbyterian. It was my response to the Word.

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Pushcart Prize Nominations

We’re pleased to say that we’re nominating for the Pushcart Prize starting this year. Each year, mags/presses are allowed to nominate 6 works. Two issues fall within the calendar year ( 154 more words

Sugared Water

Heart is King

Over mind and matter

making decisions and taking actions

In all that we do for ourselves,

We do it for others

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Random Shorts

Dynamic confirmation box in asp.net

I am trying to take confirmation from the user and as per the user response we want to execute the code.

We have situation as we are doing some operation on the user inputs. 74 more words

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Crown of Midnight: Book Review

This book was just as good, if not better than Throne of Glass. I rate it 5/5 stars! If you have not read Throne of Glass, then I sincerely recommend reading it first so you can go on to read Crown of Midnight and then join the discussion here :) 962 more words


Which Would You Prefer To Be A Murderer Or A Beloved Leader?

Muderer: killed 1 or 2, got caught, was tried and sentenced and will live life incarcerated or ne hung.

Status: hated by millions

Leader: killed somewhere between 5,000 to 500,000, explained how important and altruistic it was, was applauded and re-elected and will live life writing books, giving speeches and have streets named after him (wife still loves him ever so much). 9 more words

Content with Ambition

I know you said to be content with what you gave us
the feelings are there if you peel back the layers.
But there‚Äôs something about the way that you made us… 142 more words