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The post about being single I wish I didn't write*...

I never thought of myself as one of those girls obsessed with having a plus one. When I was 20 the mere thought of settling down made me so nervous I left the country for 3 months. 1,102 more words



When I was a kid, my friend, David M. used to go to his grandparent’s hotel from time to time. In my head, it was exactly like the Overlook Hotel of Stephen King’s The Shining. 306 more words

Day 19: Christ is King over Ebola

Jeremy Writebol is a pastor and blogger. He’s also the son of Nancy Writebol, missionary and Ebola survivor. Jeremy wrote a powerful piece about how… 162 more words


Fishes of Limbera

I give you another story today.

I was born in the plains,
not part of this story,
but you must know.

We have big rivers, 346 more words



“Enemy-occupied territory – that’s what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful King has landed… and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign against sabotage.” -C.S. Lewis


Who Was The True King of New York?

On August 11th, 1973, a beautiful thing was made on 1520 Segdewick Ave., the Bronx. Through the Bridge, through the ‘I Used to H.E.R.’, where Ice Cube claimed hip hop started in the West Coast, (which isn’t completely wrong; one of the biggest movements in rap started here), it is undeniable it started in New York, and there its nucleus will sit. 1,834 more words