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What's a church?

What is a church, anyway? I mean really, what do people mean when they say they go to church or they belong to a church? The answer to that question depends a lot on who you ask, because different people are looking for different things from going to church. 814 more words

Kingdom Come

A Prayer of Discovering: from the still of night

I have discovered You, and I am discovering You. In the watchful hours of night, I watch my little one and You watch me. In the bright light hours of day, we play, all of us, and work and toil, back into the waxing moon’s shadow. 290 more words


Release Day for Kingdom Come by Lynessa James

“My weakness for how I love you is my ultimate source of strength.” – Klive King

He faced death for her. She fought for him. They began as enemies and became inseparable lovers. 593 more words

Release Day Event


Face to face, I see one hanging

On a cross beside my own!

Painfully I gaze upon Him

Grateful that I am not alone!



See His pain, although His features… 141 more words


Featured Author: Wade Garret


32. Married. Dog. House. Beard. Student of history, anthropology and politics. I love all things geek: comics, anime, cartoons, fantasy and science fiction; plus I love tattoos, of which I have six, beer—darker the better—and whisky: Jameson. 399 more words