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A Sword as Sharp - Science vs. The Sword

Comic book writers mostly aren’t scientists, but sometimes they say things that make then sound like scientists.  Sometimes the things they say sound cool enough that it becomes repeated enough for a character or concept and then it becomes a fact.  630 more words


Barry Kitson: Building an 'Empire'

Words like “legendary,” “epic,” and “amazing” are thrown around so haphazardly, it seems, that they’ve lost all meaning in everyday conversation. This was made all too clear when I was at Starbucks this morning, and heard an over-caffeinated teenager exclaim, “Dude, this latte is legendary!” as if he were drinking a magic elixir from the Holy Grail. 1,847 more words


Digital Wonder Woman Sale

ComiXology is having a seven day Wonder Woman sale. The sale includes books from Superman/Wonder Woman, DC: The New Frontier, Kingdom Come and Justice League.  6 more words

Recap: Kingdom Come - November 16, 2014

Same ol’ story. Israel continues its cycle of unfaithfulness to God and deliverance under a judge’s leadership. Only in this story, there are some encouraging distinctions. 108 more words

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Kingdom Come

  • Kingdom #1: “Never Ending Slaughter”
  • Kingdom: Kid Flash #1: “Quick Fix”
  • Kingdom: Nightstar #1: “Not Go Gently”
  • Kingdom: Offspring #1: “Flexibility”
  • Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1: “Haunted”
  • 20 more words
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Recap: Kingdom Come - November 9, 2014

Judges 3 continues the on-and-off-again relationship between God and Israel.

Israel forsakes their covenant with God, God punishes Israel, Israel suffers, God chooses a “ 192 more words

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Aarti V Raman says, "Fall in love." - A NaNo2014 peptalk

I am listening to Jason Mraz’s Clockwatching and it’s such an apt song for what the month of November stands for, for a special breed of creature. 833 more words