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amantis parabola (for Lan)

like the kingdom of heaven
in the parable was my affection
the smallest of seeds
until I met you
how much it has grown
it is now a tree which shelters… 93 more words


Possibility of the Impossible

Sermon by Todd Grant Yonkman at Beneficent Church on 20 April 2014. Text: Matthew 28:1-10.


Life's great adventure

Whenever I am in danger of being “so heavenly minded” that I’m of “no earthly use,” God reminds me that Jesus’ Great Commission requires passion, action and unswerving commitment. 336 more words


CHRIST, my identity

I use to have a calendar of religious holidays (holy days).  But I left that behind when I heard and believed the Finished Work of CHRIST who is my identity, who lives and is alive in me. 45 more words


What if...?! Part 5

What if…!  I was wrong?!

What if…, I was wrong?  Would I be right, or would I just be a “Big Fat Liar”?  At times we may get our facts twisted and distorted; however, within the distortion lies the truth which we conceal from ourselves and others.  1,692 more words


The Kingdom of Heaven/God

Today, we will be examining a biblical topic that seems to lack substantial coverage in the present body of Christ our Lord and our savoir. Our study will be on the spiritual kingdom of God that should be being manifested on the earth through Christ’s servants, even in 2014. 2,418 more words


#814 Beatitudes - The Kingdom of Heaven

Good Day Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Some time back we can recall that John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness had said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”[1]  Then, following John’s imprisonment, Jesus echoed John the Baptist when He said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”[2]  Now, here is this same Jesus telling us that the poor in spirit are not only “blessed,” but “theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  We are beginning to realize that this kingdom is unlike any kingdom here on earth.  146 more words

At The Father's Feet Daily Devotional