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The one about the wedding

Last Saturday my wife, girls and I went to a wonderful wedding where we sat next to some friends at the reception. As we shared in the feast together our friends confessed that they were late additions to the guest list. 503 more words


E100- all quiet on the heavenly front

So you live in a society where God apparently guides you, and is the leading force behind your people’s culture. Where for a period of time the leaders understood themselves as standing in the gap, hearing God for the people and with the responsibility to lead the people towards God, and where on occasions they had understood that blessing to be for and on behalf of the wider population- the whole region rather then just their own people group… but its all been quiet for a long time on the heavenly front. 434 more words


Let Go of Attachments

Matthew 19:23
Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.” 241 more words

Today's Contemplation

The Mustard Seed

The thirteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew contains a number of parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. Elsewhere, this kingdom is described as the Kingdom of God, a term that will be used in the continuing discussion. 788 more words


The Exchange (poem)

Exhaustion, nervousness

Hopeless despair

Sleepless nights


I give them all to you O Lord

~*~ 98 more words


Racial Unity within Diversity

A day is coming when the redeemed of the Lord will worship together as one.  Many of the bugaboos of the present age will be distant memories: racial profiling, hate crimes, mass murders, serial killers, terrorism, human trafficking, sexual abuse, pedophilia, sickness, death, suffering, and much, much more.   874 more words

Kingdom Posts

Define Success.

I think success depends on who you are. Literally. What defines you? What is it that you or I believe gives us significance?

I mean, I could be a successful business woman, but if the business went under I would be a “failure”.  441 more words