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Indie Game: Kingdoms

Perhaps unfortunately, French indie duo Space Bears‘ first project isn’t about a roaming sleuth of star-faring ursids. Instead, the Paris-based combo are making Kingdoms… 417 more words


Eric - Part One

This story was sooo much fun to write. Please let me know if you like it and provide feedback, and let me know if you can figure out the significance of Eric’s and Jeremiah’s names. 1,126 more words


South Hornfang Mountains

South Hornfang Mountains

This mountain range is best known for the dwarves that call this stone land home. The terrain is cold but not as cold as the one more northern. 180 more words


Take Our Word: Kingdoms

The Word

There are plenty of kingdoms in pop culture these days. With Game of Thrones‘s fourth season now long done, there’s been a severe lack of good royalty portrayed in television this year. 892 more words


Man Decides To Make His Own Kingdom So His Daughter Can Be A Princess

The only way to make getting your kid a pony seem like a yawnable event? Claiming a swath of land as your own kingdom, thereby turning your offspring into royalty. 368 more words

The Three Ladies of Panipat

They say behind every man, is a woman. Sometimes, it is for good and sometimes, it is for bad. The wives of the big three of Panipat are as below - 840 more words