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i’m realizing all physicality.. what i am really interacting with is spirit, and I don’t want to interact with spirit in a way that is destroying it’s joy and experience of life. 271 more words


Have you ever considered whether your actions & attitudes are stumbling blocks or stepping stones for people when it comes to moving toward what God desires (His interests)? 175 more words

The Divine Purpose of the Nations

God is demonstrating the futility of human government now, and has shown us that it will get worse until it is headed up in the man of sin. 55 more words


The Humble Kingdom

Morning Thought: We live among the kingdoms of this world, kingdoms that will rise and fall. But we are citizens of a much greater Kingdom, a Kingdom that rises but never falls. 107 more words

Morning Thought

The Society Welcomes a New Kingdom!

Congratulations to the Principality of Avacal, whose bid to become a Kingdom was accepted by the SCA’s Board of Directors on January 17. Avacal is currently part of An Tir, and is comprised of the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and parts of British Columbia in Canada. 42 more words


Chalukya Pulakesi’s Aihole Inscription

This inscription, lauding the achievements of Pulakesi II or Satyasraya, one of the greatest of the Badami Chalukyas was composed by the court poet of the king, Ravikirti as a Sanskrit Poem and is installed in Meguti Temple at Aihole in 634 AD, when Pulakesi was at the peak of his career. 1,574 more words


The Saga of the Kanishka - Rabatak inscription

It happened in 1993 when an inscription in Bactrian and Greek was found in a place called Rabatak between Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif when the Mujahideen were digging a trench along with many cultural treasures. 559 more words