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Angin bersiup-siup pelan pada daun-daun cokelat kemerahan yang nyaris gugur, pada helai-helai rambut kakek dan nenek yang berjalan santai mengelilingi taman, pada lavender ungu yang mekar seindah-indahnya, pada berpasang-pasang kekasih yang memadu percakapan di tengah padang rumput. 263 more words



Grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea preissii) are now in full bloom in Perth. These photos are of the same plant that we featured back on Sept 1, at Chidley Point Reserve in Perth. 53 more words

Bold Park

Chenille Honeymyrtle

You will find this shrubby Melaleuca growing in many parts of Perth, including Kings Park, Bold Park, Minim Cove Park, Buckland Hill and Rocky Bay. It looks rather straggly and nondescript when it isn’t in flower; but it is quite spectacular with its pink/white blooms from Sept to Dec/Jan. 36 more words

Bold Park

The Park Of Kings

Dear Mum,

Deanne just commented that I look really tired, so I’ll keep this short!

We went to Kings Park today as a new (refurbished) part has opened with a playground. 117 more words



You will see these trees in many parts of Perth and the southwest coast of Western Australia. They are called Peppermint (Agonis flexuosa) and are in flower at present. 43 more words

Bold Park