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Backpacking Story: “Petualangan Menaklukan Jepang dalam 6 hari” (BAGIAN 5)

Setiap orang pasti pernah bermimpi, semua orang punya mimpi. Saya juga punya mimpi, begitu juga dengan kalian. 

Di saat mimpi itu berubah menjadi… 1,603 more words

Japan Trip

Kyoto, Japan 金閣寺, Kinkakuji, Temple of the Golden Pavilion

金閣寺,  Kinkakuji, 

Temple of the Golden Pavilion (disambiguation) ,

Gyllene paviljongens tempel

July 3, 2004 pt1 - Wabi sabi - Kyoto style

My family and I spent the day exploring parts of Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan until 1868. Kyoto is home to some of the oldest and most famous historical buildings in Japan, making it a very popular destination for tourists. 470 more words


Kyoto (Day 4) - northern Kyoto

Chizuru and I took a night bus from Tokyo back to Kyoto. I remember it was a conversation on the night bus that made me decide to visit Hiroshima and Tottori on my own. 1,328 more words


Japan: Kyoto - Kinkaku-ji

Officially named Rokuon-ji, The Golden Pavilion is one of the most lavish temples I have ever seen. It’s actually golden and very, very shiny. I can only imagine how it must look with the sun shining – I bet sunglasses would be needed. 101 more words


Kinkakuji Temple

Kinkakuji Temple, also known as the Golden Temple.
Will definitely go back during the Sakura season to take a photo of the temple in this exact same spot.

First Love