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A Good Seder

I made each of our babies his own reversable kippah (or yarmulke, which is the Yiddish term for the same Jewish headgear) for the first Pesach celebration after they were born. 259 more words


Collins Street in the Rain

Grey day. Not cold, just damp, a case of Melbourne having weather instead of a climate. Striding along Collins Street to keep an appointment, I sight ahead of me in the gloom a lone figure sawing away at a violin. 257 more words



My work on Jewish philosophy of art has finally shifted from a “project” (which is to say, a series of short papers and book chapters and napkin jottings and proposals for various things all loosely grouped around a central theme) towards a “book”–between Friday and today I have written about 1200 words that are utterly impossible to use anywhere but the introduction of what I hope a publisher will take as… 469 more words


ISM volunteers attacked by Zionist tourists in Hebron

International Solidarity Movement | March 11, 2014

Two International Solidarity Movement activists walking on Shudaha Street area were brutally attacked by French Zionist tourists who were visiting to attend the weekly settler tour of the Palestinian part of…

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

This Kippah's a Keeper

So I have a confession to make.

Yesterday, while my boyfriend was sleeping, I put on his kippah.

I’ve been itching to know what it feels like to have one resting on your head for about a month now. 367 more words


Random Thought of the Day: Jewish Rap

If I ever put out a Jewish or Yidcore rap album/single, I will be calling it “Creepah in a Kippah.” Music and lyrics by Jacob, (c) 2014, all rights reserved. 43 more words