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I choose to cover my head,

out of respect for that greater than me.

A kippah I wear when not showering or in bed,

to some, a symbol of piety. 71 more words

Theses on Ferguson

There is a distinction between being opposed to state violence and being a pacifist. State violence, like corporate speech, is a fiction whereby a non-existent entity appropriates the rights of individuals (and, indeed, appropriates the individuals themselves); as such it must be resisted, and the natural form of that resistance is an assertion of the individual prerogative that the collective fiction has sought to erase. 524 more words


National Shame: Rajnath Singh dons kippah and prays to Jewish war god in Jerusalem - PTI

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh dons a kippah to pray to the Jewish god Yehovah at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Mr Singh knows that his Zionist counterpart would not reciprocate the gesture in India, but as he is without self-respect or national pride this does not matter to him. 41 more words

Wedding Kippah: A Step-by-Step How To

I was recently asked to do a step-by-step post of how I made the wedding kippah for my husband.

First let me start with providing you with my pattern: 1,069 more words

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