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'World as a stage' OHP practice

Instead of trying to create these abstract pieces making the figures straight from my head with no drawn outlines, I drew up my Kiribati women on my iPad on the Adobe ideas App and then printed them off on Acetate paper and projected them on an Over Head Projector I thought of this idea as I saw one of my friends in the level 6 class use a projector to create paintings. 759 more words

'World as a Stage' abstract painting practices

This is just some pictures of my Abstract painting practices, their not that great but their just me playing around with ideas. the materials I have used to paint on have been found in bins, I have chosen to paint on trash materials as a symbolism that the culture of Kiribati is unimportant to the western world and has now become disposable. 379 more words

Bienvenidos al cambio climático

Kiribati es un archipiélago compuesto por 33 atolones y una isla volcánica, ubicado a 2,152 kilómetros al sur de Hawai, en el Océano Pacífico. Una de sus islas más conocidas es Kiritimati, el primer lugar poblado en el planeta en recibir el Año Nuevo. 1,072 more words

Gabinete Caligari

The Arrival

As soon as we exited the passenger processing room, we were welcomed to the country with head garlands, coconuts, and perfumed sprays by Peace Corps staff.   729 more words

Climate Change

Is Kiribati really relocating? Really?

Mauri friends!

I have a confession to make.  For the last couple of months, I’ve had this niggling feeling at the back of my mind and I haven’t been able to shake it.   859 more words


Sinking Feeling

30 September 2014

Sitting at home in our ivory towers it’s hard to comprehend the reality of climate change. But when your country is vanishing due to rising sea levels it hits home pretty hard. 169 more words


Islands of the Frigate Bird

Daryl Tarte. Islands of the Frigate Bird. Institute of Pacific Studies, 1999. 9820201470

I don’t recall ever having heard before of the island of Banaba. 879 more words

Pacific Islands Fiction