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giving thanks for microwomen 2 (or, hey, that climate warrior is my grandmother!)

another micronesian woman who attended the 2014 people’s climate march in new york last week was pelenise alofa pilitati.

watch a clip of pelenise in nyc… 611 more words


Climate change and human rights

By Klaus Reiche

Kiribati is the first state which has been forced to prepare plans for the evacuation of the whole nation due to climate change. 810 more words

Human Rights
Environment Photographer #21 (dbID3875)

Ciril JAZBEC (b.1987)

Source: Global Oneness Project

Ciril talks about his interest in the effects of climate change on the environment in this 9 minute… 111 more words


World as a Stage

I’ve started a new project at course, lately I’ve been focusing on creating Abstract images which contain figures. This piece is just a little paint practice expressing my interpretation of my Kiribati culture, I’ve chosen to focus on this theme because I’ve lived in New Zealand all my life and have no proper understanding of my Kiribati heritage. 77 more words

Everything you could want to know about me!

Ok – not really.  I am only giving you 33 tidbits of knowledge about myself at the moment, but it’s enough for now :)  Check it out on my… 34 more words


Close-Up on Kiribati

Giulietta Verdon-Roe’s photographs of everyday life on the islands of Kiribati initially appear idyllic.  Pictures like ‘Retrieving moimotos (green coconuts), Bairiki, Tarawa’ (above) epitomise a tropical island paradise to a jaded Londoner, while the crisp black and white snapshot style summons up both a certain nostalgia and a refined beauty. 458 more words