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Pugnacious pirouetting Peugeot, purring powerfully, plunges past.



This photo is a clip from a short video…… short because…… well, he went past in about two and a half seconds….

….. which accounts for a lack of sharpness in the car…… and the image is a combination of a couple of the video frames, an experiment to see if I could give the car more whizz…


I Got His Number ..... !

……..I got his number …….. but he nearly got mine.

We had positioned ourselves behind some large sheds just off the  track and I had been watching a photographing here for a while so thought I knew where it was safe to be. 121 more words



Entry number 44 leaves the ground over a culvert as it hurtles towards the next chicane.


Nearly missed it .... !

The marks on the road graphically express the route taken……. almost out of shot…..

The crop suggests that this photographer nearly missed it……. but actually the driver came closer……


Flying Ford

These older Ford Escorts seem to be ideal rally cars and they all looked impressive on the corners as well as flying down the straights.


A Walk along the Dee

It was another lovely evening and time for some exercise. We decided to take the riverside walk following the tidal waters of the River Dee up to Tongland Bridge. 399 more words