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O Christmas Tree!

Heaven only knows what I did to deserve such an appalling start to the festive season. First a horrendous tummy upset, which began in New York, closely followed by a proper dose of flu as soon as I arrived in Holland. 881 more words


Frontier Psychiatrist 1: Responsibility

As I sit down (more like glide and swoop actually) into an armchair and prepare to enact the precious and deliciously selfish act of writing without experiencing the guilts having spent 99% of my day dedicated to keeping my child happy, I come to that gritty but surprisingly liberating of subjects that’s been presenting itself to me time and time again over the last few weeks… Responsibility. 1,948 more words

Video 2x1 - "I don't want to ..."

Inspired by listening to far too many hours of music than is probably healthy, an occasional spot where we showcase two artists that really don’t have anything in common except for a lyric, a phrase or just an idea. 73 more words


Kirstie Allsopp's University Challenge

TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp sparked an online debate in September, after questioning the value of event management degrees on Twitter.

While it’s true that you can start from the bottom of a company and work your way up, it takes time and patience, and can often begin in unpaid work. 696 more words