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12 Lessons Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage

In 12 years, my wife and I have covered a lot of ground.

We were married before I graduated college. Pregnant with our first child shortly after. 1,017 more words


Ben seni mutlu edemedim,sen kendini yaktın.Şuan yaninda sana ait olmak isteyen birini gormek güzel oluyor.Kalbin ben aklin o.Aklim sen kalbim kayip.Napmaliyim diyerek haftalarımı harcadım.En dipte olduğun anı kendine bile kabul ettirememek insani öldürüyor.Beni sen var ettin ve ben seni yaratiğın kalbimle öldürdüm.Iyi bir insan mıyım bilmiyorum.Öğrenmek hep senden geçiyor o kadar içimsin ki sen,o kadar duamdın ki.Dün gece saatlerime işledi.Seni koruyamadim ve mutlu edemedim umarim yanında ki insan sonsuzun olur. 41 more words


Download Festival Line up Update!

Download have just announced an update to their line up. The latest additions include Thunder, In Flames, The Ghost inside, Fearless Vampire Killers and Blood Youth. 17 more words

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A Work In Progress............

After any man and a woman have been together for a while, it should be expected that things become a little less romantic. We naturally get comfortable with one another and honestly, life just happens. 283 more words

You were strong and I was not...

Dave: Pride has nothing to do with inner strength…two different notions.

Me: Proud people seem so strong…at least they’re perceived as being strong.

Dave: So tell me…staying in an abusive relationship just to keep your “public image” is it a sign of inner strength? 1,124 more words