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What do I do when lightning strikes me

Dave: Was it ever a moment when you stopped believing in love?

Me: More than one moment. Even now, from time to time I got this feeling…that only a few people are lucky enough to be loved. 999 more words


Your Kiss is on my List

by Chuck Howe

Sing Hall and Oates
as loud as you can
while going 100 mph
While flying down
a country road
in the middle of the night… 14 more words


Happy Bethday to the Cat Man, Peter Criss

Fictional telling of the oh-so-mundane reason behind Kiss’ biggest hit. Quite funny

Peter giving Paul time for his unintentionally hilarious schtick 32 more words


First Kiss 💕💋

We girls all will remember wondering what our first kiss would be like ! Some of us wondered if it was odd if we hadn’t had our first if we were like 13 😂 , I was one of those I was 16 when I had mine me and this guy had been talking through my cousin and we started to Skype and talk and about 3 months later he offered me to go meet him and that’s when I had my first kiss , I remember how I had butterflies and being so nervous because I didn’t know what to do , he even ended up being my first boyfriend as well , thinking back its nothing to worry about it doesn’t matter when or how old you are when you have your first as long as it’s the experience you wanted and expected and if your into them it shouldn’t be disappointing 💕💋

Good luck 💌

KISS + Momoiro Clover Z = true

Earlier this summer it was announced that Momoiro Clover Z cooperated with no one less than the super guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.
See: Yngwie Malmsteen + Japanese pop girlband = true… 86 more words


I love you

I want you so bad that it hurts.

I need you in a way you wouldn’t get.

I hold you like you could float away. … 56 more words