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Is it weird?

It’s kind of weird to have never been kissed isn’t it?

You hear the tales of all your friend’s first kisses, and the reassurances that it’s really not that bigger deal, but you can see that they’re just saying that. 120 more words




Two years ago. I saw you.

I haven’t seen you in so long that I don’t know what you smell like anymore. The only way I can remember your smell is by going into the perfume isle and picking up the bottle of One Million and smelling it. 695 more words


Faulkner said he prefers pain over nothing.
Nothingness is worse than death,
It’s living like zombies following the rules,
Waking walking eating shitting fucking and… 592 more words

Chapter 6

The resort was quiet. Solitary. Caught in the lull between endless summer days and the first thick blanket of winter snow. Changing autumn leaves crackled under their tires as Jami turned the van onto the narrow gravel drive. 6,304 more words


The goodnight kisses

Every time his phones buzzes on the bed near the end of the night my heart breaks a little. Knowing that on the other end of that call is his step-dad saying he is here and waiting to pick him up. 334 more words


I was barely nineteen before I knew lips could bruise, twenty-three before I’d know just what shade my own would take. I’d always been quick to fall but slow to move. 362 more words