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Advance praise for Kissing Keeps Us Afloat

Honky-tonk tunes, swinging & searing verses, meditative narratives,
and catalogues of favoured things (including what lovers bring — or leave behind),
all merge to make… 171 more words


Breukelen Heart Beats

Lycans and Werewolves, a lot of people who don’t know better would tell you they are one and the same. But in my world of werewolves and the paranormal that is our culture, I can tell you, the two are different. 836 more words

Werewolf World

The Wheel Of Time.

One supposes this was bound to happen sooner or later. Yours Truly went on a date. Actually, I did go to a lunch date couple of weeks ago but that did not go anywhere. 64 more words


Arrested by Passion…Why this Blog

There is this guy – he’s hot. In that H. O. Double T way. I have never had a problem with this area before, meaning my sexuality, in a physical sense, or maybe not to this extent. 397 more words

Audio: Here Are The Signs Which Say "She Wants You!"

Here are 19 signs from women which say they “want you!” Guys, find out if you’re RECEIVING the right signs! Women, find out if you’re GIVING the right signs! 45 more words


You're A Bad Kisser and That Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

I just want to start out by saying that I’m not admitting to when in time this post was written, so anyone I have ever kissed should not think that this is about them. 575 more words


Love is

Love is kissing open mouthed, even when your partner is sick. Even if you just caught Mono. That’s love baby.

Love is thinking someone is a perfect 10. 189 more words