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Angie's Dating Plan

Mr. Easy Rider, who went on a few dates with Kennedy, decided to go for another radio host on our show, Angie C.

Kennedy says they never did anything, just a few dates, and they decided to just be friends afterwards. 135 more words


Good Kisser

It’s funny how songs always seem to inspire blog titles for me. I’ll be listening to my music and then either some words in a song or the title of the song, suddenly inspire me to write something for y’all once again. 331 more words

Real Talk

De man die goed kan zoenen

Er is een man die heel goed zoenen kan. Beter dan enig andere man. Het gaat om zoenen die puur zijn en verrukkelijk in hun eenvoud. 494 more words


Kiss, Read, Write..

Kiss, read, listen to music, write, make love, make peace, walk, drink water, exercise, look in the mirror and say “I love you” even if it is hard, fuck, fuck around, play on the internet, pray, play, say what you need to say. 8 more words


Random funny story

So about 20 minutes ago my boyfriend had to leave sadly :( so I told him to hurry and put his shoes on so we could make out more, so he obviously hurried with his shoes and we ran out side. 151 more words

Selective Resonance and Red Energy

Today I got a lesson from spirit on selective resonance. According to thesciencedictionary.org, it is: Resonance which occurs at one or more discrete frequencies, instead of extending over a band of frequencies as in some forms of filter.  279 more words