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Cause why not complate things more??

Hey guys! So I went to a party last night, it was awesome watching the drunk people and playing beer pong! I went to the party with one of my friends Connor! 433 more words




Don’t close your eyes.

You never know who you

might be kissing in the dark.

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist… 14 more words

Snails Kissing On Top Of Cherries

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Adventures in Dating- Part 2

After a couple of uneventful yet not unpleasant dates with a nice guy, I met Roman*. Roman was from Romania originally and had only been living in my city for about 4 months.  1,821 more words

How Attraction to the Opposite Sex Works

When we meet someone from the opposite sex, either we instantly find them attractive or not. Sure there are obviously handsome and gorgeous people around but let’s face it, we have our own standards when it comes to finding the person who we want to have a relationship with or just to find that person who we want to… 636 more words


The Dating game...

So I would like to tell you a little about the dating game recently.

Let me tell you about the sweet guy, that soon got cut off. 472 more words

106 Kissing games and tantric kissing

Exercise: Kissing Games

Try kissing games where one tries to stimulate the other by kissing a part of the body.

Choose a particular part for example the knee or the upper arm or the side of the neck. 555 more words