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Flirting Action!

This morning i shared a little post about MPE love…Mad Passionate and Exciting. I put that i was unlikely to find it on a Tuesday….which was not entirely true as it happens!! 336 more words


Longing For One Kiss

The stormy eye

And the bipolar tear

The hedonic lips

And the crooked tongue

The fragile smile

And the concrete teeth

The flushed cheeks

And the proud chin… 36 more words


What's In A Kiss?

First know this: A kiss serves as one of the first tests of your relationship. Because a new survey by The State University of New York shows that more than half of men and women have ended a relationship because of a bad kiss. 208 more words


Kid Cudi Brags All About His Male-On-Male Make-Out Session (DETAILS)

Kid Cudi‘s latest acting role in James White premiered at Sundance last Friday. Cudi plays the gay best friend of the main character and during filming,  217 more words



So, I’m laying in bed playing on my phone, while Mr. Knockout sits at the end of the bed on his laptop – playing music and chatting with me. 155 more words


I get it. Really, I do. Sometimes your boo just looks so good in those skin tight jeans that there is nothing you can do to stop from wanting to jump their bones right there in the checkout line of your local Wal-Mart. 125 more words

10 Interesting facts about body (Part I)

1) To lose 1 pound (0.453592kg) of fat, a person has to burn  approximately 3,500 calories.

2) Afetus starts to develop fingerprints at the age of eight  weeks. 91 more words