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Great alternative to your Canon, Nikon and Sony Kit Lens

So, you are the proud owner of a DSLR.  You’re not a professional but you do want to take better pictures of you kids, family and vacations. 307 more words

I Don't Know

Kitchen Tales... the golden garlic

Should there be something else more interesting than a bunch of garlic bulbs hanging in the corner of a quaint wooden
kitchen, then it will be probably not worth my time taking a picture of. 85 more words


Just Fishing

These are a few photos from Sunday fishing with my husband.



Lulu meets the new X - T1

To prove the Princess is on her feet, here is a jpeg shot at 6400 just now. She was shy and hiding under the table :-) 94 more words


Here today, gone tomorrow

My first post here on Pentaxianz was about my recent acquisition of a Pentax K100D. Not surprisingly, I was very excited about using my ‘new’ camera, and took it to an art fair in the weekend to get to know its qualities and capabilities. 504 more words

Digital Photography

Sony A3000 & 18-55 lens $239 @ Cowboom (Best Buy)

Ever since I became a big fan of Scott Robert Lim, I’ve been intrigued by Sony bodies. He only shoots Sony and loves bragging about their features that a Canon guy like myself could only dream of. 233 more words


No, you're not

“I have a Canon 1100D with a kit lens. I’ve just start my professional photography career”

No, you haven’t. You might be a great photographer, although you’re probably not. 508 more words