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The Uni Kit List

So in the spirit of finishing university and the results day for a lot of A Level students across the country being only a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d put together a list of the stuff you never thought you’d need. 4,777 more words


Finishing Kit List for Transcontinental 2014 - What worked and what didn't | Part II - Clothing

Having no idea the weather we would be encountering during the Transcontinental made packing clothing very difficult. We knew we would be in the alps for two, maybe even three days and having lived in the French mountains for several years, I was very aware how fast the giant storms could roll in and soak you to the core without a minutes notice. 1,498 more words


Rocket power

I picked up some last minute kit today from go outdoors. I needed to buy a cooker, mess tins and roll mats. We’d borrowed a trangia last time and if you’re looking for a efficient cooker which tightly packs away I highly recommend it! 60 more words

Kit list

Getting all of that into two of these…

Is a real hassle!