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Knives and their uses part 5 - Serrated knives

  • Long serrated knives are called a variety of things: bread knife, serrated carving knife, serrated slicing knife.
  • The pastry knife is by far the most popular knife we have.
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New Blog!

I have never blogged before so I decided to give it a try!  My name is Porter McMichael, I am a 17 year old knife maker from Washington State.   199 more words

Functional Knives

WÜSTHOF Vs Root Vegetable Slaw

There is nothing more important in a chef’s toolkit than a quality kitchen knife. We define quality based on a few factors: sharpness of blade, sturdiness of handle, and finally, cost-to-performance ratio (aka, bang for your buck). 1,053 more words


Knives and their uses part 3 - Cooks knives

  • The Cooks knife is known by many a name: Cooks knife, Chef’s knife, Chopping knife, Kitchen knife.
  • The sizes typically range from 15cm (6″) to 30cm (12″)
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Knives and their uses part 2 - Boning and filleting knives

  • Boning knives are perfect for removing joints of meat from bones and joints
  • They can be rigid, flexible, slim bladed or thick
  • A filleting knife is a type of boning knife…
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Knives and their uses part 1 - Paring knives

  • Turning knives are small and perfect for precise and intricate work
  • There are 4 common types of paring knives:
  • Birds Peak
  • Lambs / Sheep’s foot…
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Selecting & Maintaining Great Knives

The corollary to a great cutting board is a great knife, and Bon Appetit’s article, linked below, provides a nice resource about how to select your knife set. 216 more words

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