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Knives and theirs uses part 3 - Cooks knives

  • The Cooks knife is known by many a name: Cooks knife, Chef’s knife, Chopping knife, Kitchen knife.
  • The sizes typically range from 15cm (6″) to 30cm (12″)
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Knives and their uses part 2 - Boning and filleting knives

  • Boning knives are perfect for removing joints of meat from bones and joints
  • They can be rigid, flexible, slim bladed or thick
  • A filleting knife is a type of boning knife…
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Knives and their uses part 1 - Paring knives

  • Turning knives are small and perfect for precise and intricate work
  • There are 4 common types of paring knives:
  • Birds Peak
  • Lambs / Sheep’s foot…
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Selecting & Maintaining Great Knives

The corollary to a great cutting board is a great knife, and Bon Appetit’s article, linked below, provides a nice resource about how to select your knife set. 216 more words

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The Runaway Leek - Vegan Painting

Art is not only for entertaining of for the pleasure of the eyes. It’s a wonderful way to make people think and sometimes reconsider their lifestyle. 33 more words

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Knife-Wielding Man Taken Into Custody At Garden Grove Preschool

GARDEN GROVE (CBSLA.com) — A 30-year-old man was in custody Friday after brandishing a knife at a local preschool earlier this week, authorities said.

According to the Garden Grove Police Department, Gonzalo Parra Jr. 141 more words


Woman Admits Stabbing Another Woman with Kitchen Knife

BERWICK — A woman pleaded guilty Monday to charges she stabbed another woman in Berwick.

Siesha Lane admitted using a kitchen knife to stab the victim, Jamillah Hutt, at a home on Green Street… 30 more words