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Chris' Kitchen Tips: BBQ 101

Chris is back, and this time sharing a little of his knowledge to lay the groundwork for your next summer BBQ!

I was halfway through a post about summer BBQ when I realized that there was just too much to cover without a jumping off point, so let’s start at the beginning. 529 more words



Go bananas with this handy tip of the day.

Instead of opening a banana from the top, or trying to as it splits without opening, open it from the bottom. 21 more words

12 Tips for Your (Overseas) Kitchen

We got to eat… so, we got to cook.  Gone are the days of a can of this and a jar of that. I feel at times I am cooking over an open flame just like my forefathers (or really, foremothers) did once off the Mayflower. 617 more words


When Can You Enjoy That Fresh Pineapple?

Hello Sunshine! Today I enjoyed a Fresh Pineapple and it was delicious. Well, I did not eat the entire pineapple, but maybe 1/3 of it. Yesterday I had a pineapple popsicle and it was fantastic, but I knew I had a fresh pineapple to prepare, it just was not ready. 380 more words

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Reel It In: Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

When it comes to buying fish, many tread in murky waters. Having a procedure and knowing what to look for when scanning your options is key in selecting fish that is fresh and fine to eat. 235 more words

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Meal Planning #1: One way I keep my sanity

If I were to pick one thing that helps me keep to a budget and keep my sanity while raising three children and schooling from home, I would say it is Meal Planning. 472 more words

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Kitchen Tip: Storing Leftover Tomato Paste

I’m sure we’ve all run into the same problem of not knowing what to do with the leftover tomato paste when your recipe only requires 1 tablespoon.   224 more words