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April 17, 2014

When you don’t have a kitchen sink or a dishwasher or a counter top, you wash your dishes in a plastic bin in the bathtub, and then you let them dry on the kitchen table. Jealous?

Carpenter, Bee My Honey!

We found a carpenter bee in our house, hiding behind a rock in a kitchen window, unable to fly; suspecting it might have been due to the cold weather, Ed captured it in a glass jar with a plastic lid. 16 more words


Homemade Calzones

Verdict: Om nom, nom nom nom.

Pizza is one of those dishes that my husband and I both love. It’s a favorite for him when he doesn’t feel like making a full meal because it’s quick and easy, especially when ordered. 480 more words


Happy Chicken Brain Day!

Can u imagine anything better than a big bowl of boiling chicken soup when u get sick??? Ooooooh.. noooooo…

And it just happened with me… like every springtime… usually can manage the winter (WINTER in Palma? 488 more words

Food Porn

find me at the crossroads

The point of a blog?

To impart knowledge? To inspire debate? An outlet for those without a voice in this ever oppressive world?

The point of this blog? 1,275 more words


messy kitchens & heads.

when the kitchen’s a mess
my head’s a mess
when my head’s a mess
the kitchen’s a mess.

i can’t escape this vicious cycle. 

Three For Vinegar (2014)

1. Easter egg dye.

2. Salad.

3. Shine.


In the kitchen, to find-

To both disinfect and shine.