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Open space, wind, a kite. And a bar of Finnish chocolate… We have kite-flying season twice a year. It is either the vast openness of the frozen sea in wintertime or the golden fields of the great Söderfjärden in the fall that make us check on wind conditions, pack up our kites and go out there to fly them. 152 more words

Kites and Puddles

“Childhood” is such a loaded word. Upon its mere mention, the resurgence of memories is inevitable. To some, most of these memories are happy; to some, most are sad; to some, who are often labeled as “less fortunate”, most are tragic. 420 more words


Look up at the Sky Day - don't you have anything better to do?

Look up at the Sky Day – don’t you have anything better to do?

Can there be anything, really better than looking up at the sky? 207 more words

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Special Easter Greeting to all from Team-GABI

As these kites soar high into the sky, marshalled by Guyana’s Golden Arrowhead, may you successfully overcome all your challenges at this time. Special Easter greetings to all from Team-GABI!
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Basant Festival in Lahore

Spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming everywhere and everyone is preparing well to welcome spring. In Pakistan, spring is welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm by the name of Basant Festival. 498 more words


Qingming with Vera's family

Vera invited me to meet her family and her boyfriend, “Hui,” (and his family) last Monday. It is tradition for people to treat family to lunch on this day during the… 587 more words

Kites: Educational & Recreational

April is National Kite Month

Part of many momentous scientific discoveries, kites have served for centuries as a means of studying weather, have been used in examining the principles of flight, and, of course, played a central role in… 742 more words

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