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Foxy Ladies - Tamamo no mae and the Legend of Lady Kayo

I have written elsewhere about foxes and Japanese mythology. In popular myth, the fox in Japan is known as a mischievous spirit, ringing doorbells, sending telegrams and so on. 798 more words


La Roux - Trouble In Paradise

I was pretty stoked on La Roux‘s debut album, with synths with enough chunk to rival a chiptunes track it was a really pretty unique sound for pop music at the time. 374 more words

Tama River Folktales

I took my cousin to the library the other day when she came to visit (because I know a good time) and stumbled on this book: Tama River Folktales by Sakuhira Ishii, Arimine Shoten Publishing, 1976. 1,299 more words


The Tama River Foxes

Main Reference: Tama River Folktales by Sakuhira Ishii, Arimine Shoten Publishing, 1976

In this story the author/compiler of the book gets “invited” to a fox story-telling competition. 592 more words



 If you’re a fan of heavy metal and/or J-Rock, you will have probably heard of BABYMETAL by now. Mixing heavy metal riffs with kawaii babydoll fashions and J-pop-style dance rhythms, they’ve taken the world by storm thanks to social media and are set to play at the O2 in London this September. 278 more words

Shinto / Japanese Religion