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Nice Boogie Woogie Jazz On This Clip...

and oh yeah, and LOOKIT THE KITTEH PLAY WITH THE TOEBEANS aye yi yi yi yi. This is just first class freakin’ nuts, couldn’t wait ’til Caturday.

The Anticipation Of Ayra

You can practically see/hear the wheels turning in her tiny noggin. “When’s the hoomin gonna feed me/scratch my belleh?” (She prefers both, simultaneously.)

And then after The Big Meal, comes The Bigger Snooze. Seeya, Ayra.

From Todd R.

Punned out PCs (laughoutloudcats/computers)

The shepherd will warn you if your RAM was upgraded on a 64-bit machine running Windows Vista. It’s a bad pun about computers too.
Laugh Out Loud Cats

Thanks? We Sure About That?

Might be wrong, but I think this kitteh has an entirely different word in his mind.

Which we can’t print.