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Knew I Shoulda Made A Left Turn At Albuquerque

An Albuquerque, New Mexico kitteh named Spice went missing on Halloween…and ended up in MAINE. Check out this story!


Toesday: Reindeer Beans?

Well, it IS getting closer to the night Santa and his reindeer take their annual trip ’round the world. A month from last night, as a matter of fact. 47 more words

Snorgle This!

“Here’s our ResQte Kitteh Jasper, doing his best to make Snorgling seem like a good idea. But it’s a trap! Touch the belleh at your own risk!” Submitted/photo taken by Lise C., Risk Taker and Loyal Servant.

Quite Possibly The Coolest Kitteh Bed Ever

How is it Maru and Hana don’t have one of these yet? (This is Gustav, by the way.) From Catherine D.


On Sunday nights, The Boy cooks us dinner and we watch a TV show while we eat. Kitten Thunder does their best not to covet our dinner and then offers some post dinner snuggles to help with my digestion. 113 more words


Our Weekend World Tour C.O.ntinues!

Yesterday it was little Nikita from Portugal, and Newt from France. Earlier today we met from Dulci from Switzerland! Now let’s make a quick hop over to Germany and meet Burli! 25 more words