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That sentence is normally used as a tag (see below this post) but trust me when I say that for THIS video, it works as a headline just fine. 13 more words


Today was long and boring and depressing and I am kind of done with the very concept of education right now and fuck it here is a picture of a kitty cat: 12 more words


Even I'd Get Out Of My Way Today

Chubs The Kitteh is a BIT on the Grumpy Side today, and he’s rockin’ Rule #97. Remember, People: Rule Of Cuteness #97: Head To Body Ratio: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s cute. Reddit.

Headline THIS! "It's Cold Out, Put On A Puppy"

(*Update! Sorry folks, little late today with the update- busy working on 24 HOURS OF ‘TOCKS! And we do need your best ‘Tocks! Our headline winner today is Meg M.! 48 more words

I Miss You Kitteh

Sunday September 7, 2014

Dear FancyPants (a.k.a. Cleo)

I hope all is catnip and squishy food over The Rainbow Bridge.  Be careful of substance abuse. I’m not particularly worried since your sense of smell was weak, thus dampening the effect. 1,616 more words


I'll Have A Cup O' Mini-Me

GAAAAAAA! WANT! (Composes self.)

Bookmark this post, folks. There’s a Maxi-Me sequel coming up on October 31st. When you see it, you’ll know why. “I am submitting 2 pics of my adorable 2.5-year-old Kobe, a male British longhair cat. 17 more words