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to state the obvious...

1. babies are tiny:

(I swear to god, that sweater was “newborn” size)

2. Freshly neutered kittens hate elizabethan collars

(not only did he throw himself around and around to wrestle this thing off, it’s full of bite marks.) 21 more words


A small questions...

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Feel free to comment about the question… Hemmu wants to know what you would like to read about or if you just want to see pictures :D… 44 more words

I can see you

This morning daddy left early and shut us in the kitchen so mummy could finish getting ready without having to chase after kittens. I knew mummy would come in the kitchen before she left so we decided that Freude would hide on top of the kitchen cupboards (a place they didn’t know we could reach yet!) and I would just wander around miaowing trying to get attention. 72 more words


From all my favorite fuzzies! (And one squishy.)

In which Neurotic Owl is too polite to take the last piece of pie:

I’m taking tomorrow off, so here’s a nice big one to tide you over.   126 more words

Acrylic Painting: Wearing A Cat

Artist: Ng Ling Tze aka Tamaow
Title: Wearing A Cat
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Size: 31cm x 23cm
Year: 2014
Status: Available

Idea About:

JiaJia has the same name as the female panda at Singapore Zoo. 61 more words