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4.110.365 Kitty on the roof

The sweet little Kitty watching fascinated, Luci prancing on the terrace opposite.

Nikon D5100

Making The Same Mistake Twice


When making socks one at a time, I find I have the added challenge of making both socks pretty close to the same. By this, I mean if I leave a noticeable angel kiss(mistake), I should repeat it with the second sock. 465 more words


Happy Kitten

This kitten at my daughter’s riding school really wanted a cuddle this morning, and once she had her way, she was very happy about it :) Very cute. 56 more words



My 3 year old kitten Zen passed out on the floor.
Taken with the Nikon D3200 with the kit lens.

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The Adventure of Raising Baby Kittens: Part 2

So this is week #2 with my kittens and they’re 3 weeks old. Of course I don’t know exactly when they were born so I”m guestimating here. 221 more words