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It amazes me how much I care about this little guy. He came into my world 2 months ago, comforted me on my darkest of days and has enjoyed some of my best times with me. 33 more words


The New Dynamic Duo of Sherman Farms

After spying the kittens and Mamma Cat living in an old abandoned house on our property, I spent several days watching and feeding them.  Their routine was pretty predictable and we were able to spy the kittens playing outside in the sun several times. 508 more words

A Sleepy Kitty

Our kitten, or a young cat I should say, has been floored by the heat, meaning that when she usually plays for several hours during the day, she now decides it’s playtime and hunting time at around midnight, when we are preparing to go to bed. 8 more words


Cyclops Problems #44 Playing With Cats

Sometimes being able to project an optic blast isn’t always the best power, especially when it comes to playing with kitties..

source: CB

- Colleen


Guy's Kitten Video Of The Day: Cat Demands Kisses

This cat loves to charm his owner for a kiss.

When this cat cocks his head with a twinkle in his eye, his owner turns to mush and gives in to his demand for another kiss.