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CATS - R - US Fundraising Page by Marion Maychell - GoFundMe


Please consider giving a small donation if every one gave us a pound to help the cats it would make a huge difference.

One of our hand rear orphan kittens. 7 more words


Snips and Snails

Pineapple Upside Down Cat.

Earlier I went outside to find Davout practicing his lurking skills. ¬†Where’s Waldo?

When I spotted him he moved to another place of concealment. 38 more words


Hey, Are You Guys Cats, Too?

I was just saying to myself (awm nawm nawm), I wonder where all the other cats are? (crunch, munch) And here we are, just us cats! 17 more words

Rear Window II

In this long-awaited sequel, professional furtographer “Mutt” Muffries becomes suspicious of a neighbor Rottweiler burying an unusually large amount of bones in his backyard.

Via La Guisla amagada.

Indy, the Laser Cat

That’s another destroyed phone charger. It’s my fault. Somehow, I left it dangling where I normally charge my phone, and Indy found it. A friend commented that he was just trying to supercharge himself and become super kitty. 88 more words


Twin Playful Kittens

SNOWBALL & SALLY:  6 months old, spayed female domestic shorthairs, 4 lbs. (Snowball) and 5 lbs. (Sally)

If you’re looking to bring some love and joy into your home, look no further than these two girls. 61 more words


Oh, You Shouldn't Have

I even appreciate how you sewed my name onto them, but I’m still not wearing them.

Via Alison Benbow.