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Word of the Day, April 21, 2014, Matthew 27:54

Word of the Day, April 21, 2014 

” He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!  He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way.   484 more words

Did the Apostle Paul write Hebrews? Are you an enemy of the Bible?

Did Paul write Hebrews?

There is a new “progressive” doctrine out there that says Paul did not write the book of Hebrews. It is based upon personal pet doctrine, not facts, or rules of evidence. 1,160 more words

Where the Napkin is placed...

Ya’ll are going to like this…This thought originally came from my pastor, Kenny Kuykendall from last year’s Easter message about the resurrection of Jesus.

I waited tables for many years, and learned there were certain signs that people would do that would signify what service they might need or what was going on without actually having to say anything.  328 more words

How to spot a false church

1. The pastor is famous.

I don’t need to list famous pastors, you already have many names that come to mind. But the Bible warns us: 531 more words


A humble, merciful, loving, leader

Jesus was humble. He humbled himself when he chose to come to earth as a man. While standing before Pontius Pilate he could have elevated himself as God, but chose humility for the sake of mankind… … 250 more words


Where is the love?

I am very down/heavy hearted today…have been for a good bit of the day.  Between a dream that I had last night about a significant person from my past, to watching the news and various issues around the world, to other thoughts that I have had and have been placed on my heart…  I am just very sorrowful.  893 more words