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Three of Glee’s Male Homosexuals

Following the ideas in a recent entry of mine, “Fan Craze and what Producers ‘should’ be doing”, I am hoping to fill in some gaps of the true horror of Glee’s recent, ‘Blaineofsky’ (Blaine Anderson and Dave Karofsky) pairing in terms of how it relates to the show’s continuity and character types. 2,104 more words


Fan Craze and what Producers ‘should’ be doing

~ Written by Fay Katrina Stringer

Many television shows have always seemed to have followed a strict structure in the way that new episodes are created, still many times there is a complete change of direction. 1,871 more words


Glee season 6

Well, I got my tablet back a little while ago and while going through the enormous pile of reminders reminding me about everything I miss,I read up on some season 6, glee spoilers and here are my three predictions. 300 more words


Down Where the World is Ending – Glee

First post is well… Not other than Glee. This Glee fanfiction by Joyful is so sad, it makes me cry. And trust me, I rarely… 616 more words

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