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Down Where the World is Ending – Glee

First post is well… Not other than Glee. This Glee fanfiction by Joyful is so sad, it makes me cry. And trust me, I rarely… 616 more words

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Fetishizing Homosexuality

So I found this little musing on Tumblr, land of opinions, about the shipping of the non-canon, non-gay men characters on Sherlock. Cantpronounce is “still struggling to understand why” straight women shipping two men together is seen as fetishizing homosexuality. 764 more words

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Triplet - glee ff

When the bell rings for second lesson, everyone filters into the  halls. the panicked faces that haven’t done their homework; the rush of peoples hands trying to remember their locker code; the occasional whimper and echoing clang of somebody being pushed against the lockers, by football players ten times their size; but for a small group of over looked teens, the bell meant their favorite lesson, of Thursday morning. 7,858 more words

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