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So, Ryan, You Have Been Reading Our Fanfiction...

Yes, yes, I’m sure you are sick of me by now but really? Did you think that I wouldn’t have something to say about this episode? 960 more words


Alright Klainers, Calm the Fuck Down...

Okay, so that was a bit harsh but here me out…

I know that everybody is practically foaming at the mouth over Ryan Murphy’s interview but just take a deep breath. 598 more words


Glee 5x15 "Bash"

Minden hullámvölgy és mélypont ellenére is állítom, hogy továbbra is szeretem a Glee-t, viszont kritikát írni egy-egy epizódjáról szerintem szinte lehetetlen. Annyira ambivalens érzéseim szoktak lenne, úgy fel tud húzni pár apróság, hogy sorra osztanám ki a 2/10-eket, közben mondjuk egy hónap múlva vigyorogva nézem vissza az adott részt. 708 more words

Sorozat | TV Show

This Glee Episode Didn't Suck aka: Ryan Murphy Pulls His Head Out of His Ass

Sorry this blog title looks more like a Panic! At the Disco or Fall Out Boy title but I feel like it is the only thing I can call this because after episode 5×14 I’m not only pleasantly surprised, I’m practically gushing. 1,313 more words


Glee....to Me

Note: no spoilers here.

Many of you have expressed lately a huge disappointment in the way the show has turned out. Some say it went downhill this season with the passing of Cory & with several of the other originals no longer on it. 500 more words

My top 5 guilty pleasures, what are yours?

Hello wonderful people of the internet!
Today was a pretty slow day for me which means that I had enough time to think about certain things. 646 more words

Episode 9: Frenemies!

GLEE! Hello all my fellow Gleeks! I know you all are probably still coming down from your highs from Glee finally being back, I am still am. 369 more words